WATCH: Michigan Man Tips Essential Worker $900, Says World ‘Needs Some Love’

By Ellen Chamberlain

April 24, 2020

Kevin VanAmburg says the world is missing out on love as we shelter in place. So he decided to start spreading more around right here at home.

DETROIT, MI — Kevin VanAmburg was excited to help a fellow Michigander. He was excited to share the kindness with his friends and family. He was not prepared for the wave of love that came back to his family as a result.

VanAmburg, 39, is an essential worker himself, driving for a Brighton-based supplier. He says when the crisis started, he noticed that the woman who normally manned his regular drive thru stop was working the entire store by herself.

“It really stood out to me that she was there by herself and I didn’t know the full story at that time,” says the father of four.

In the Facebook live video going viral, VanAmburg eagerly waits in the drive thru line, rolling his window down and back up again. His moment is coming. 

He’s about to hand his favorite Tim Horton’s barista $900 he collected from friends. He doesn’t even know her name but he would soon find out she needed this money in a special way. 

The barista he helped was Denise. It turns out that she is the mother of two adult children who have special needs. She works at her Tim Horton’s location seven days a week to provide for her family during the pandemic, but all VanAmburg knew was that she deserved some extra love.

Friends were so excited to come together and watch the moment unfold. VanAmburg has even been asked to select another person for his network to help.

“We’re all in this together. I’m not different from any person.” 

Michigan may see more random acts of kindness as the days go by.


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