Celebs Get Naked To Make Sure Your Ballot Isn’t

Jack Black and other celebrities are encouraging Pennsylvania voters to be careful not to mail in "naked ballots." (Screenshot)

By The Keystone Staff

October 14, 2020

TV and movie celebrities have appeared in a video and posted naked (or at least topless) photos with the hashtag #DontVoteNakedPA to raise awareness about “naked ballots” in Pennsylvania.

Chris Rock is naked.

Tiffany Haddish is naked.

Sarah Silverman is naked.

Mark Ruffalo is naked.

“I know what you’re thinking,” Ruffalo says. “You’re thinking, ‘Ruffalo, um, put your clothes on.’”

But Ruffalo—and many other celebs—are naked for a reason. They’re trying to catch Pennsylvania voters’ attention, so they can teach them about “naked ballots.”

A few celebs have posted photos on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #DontVoteNakedPA.


In the video with Ruffalo, actress Ryan Bathe asks, “Did you know that ballots could be naked?”

The 90-second video made by Represent Us, a bipartisan anti-corruption campaign, has the celebs guide viewers through filling out the ballot, reminding people to read and follow instructions, and use the color pen the instructions say to use.

In Pennsylvania, “there are two envelopes you have to stuff your ballot in, otherwise it’s called a naked ballot,” Amy Schumer says.

“And you don’t want to have one of those,” Chelsea Handler adds.

The celebs explain that people who are voting by mail need to put their ballots in a secrecy envelope, and then put that secrecy envelope in a larger mailing envelope.

“Don’t sit on them,” Ruffalo says. “Get those things out ASAP.”

GET THE FULL RUN-DOWN: How to Make Sure Your Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballot Isn’t ‘Naked’


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