LIVE: Watch Philadelphia Count Their Remaining Votes

Live stream of Philadelphia vote counting

By Kyle Valenta

November 5, 2020

All the Trump supporters freaking out in Pennsylvania can tune in to this live stream.

As the nation awaits the result of the presidential election, all eyes are focused on a small handful of states that have yet to be called: Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Predictions before Election Day pegged Pennsylvania as this year’s tipping-point state, meaning the result of its vote would likely determine the next president of the United States. Pennsylvania also saw a massive influx of ballots cast by mail, as coronavirus cases continued to mount this fall.

As of Wednesday morning, the state had 1.4 million ballots left to count. That number went down considerably throughout the day, and at time of publication on Thursday, that number had fallen to just over 580,000.

The majority of the outstanding ballots still to be counted are in Philadelphia and its suburban counties, as well as Allegheny County, which includes Pittsburgh. Both areas are Democratic strongholds, and President Trump’s lead has steadily decreased as every remaining mail-in ballot is counted. However, smaller amounts of mail-in ballots have yet to be processed in many of the Republican-leaning counties across the state.

The delay in knowing results has lead to finger pointing. However, while Democratic lawmakers in the state tried to allow early ballot processing as a way to avoid delays, they were stymied by the state legislature. The GOP-controlled body refused to allow election workers to begin processing mail-in ballots before Election Day—unlike other Republican-led states, including Florida.

And yet, democracy is prevailing. The state is diligently counting every ballot and there are measures that have been put in place to make the process more transparent.

To help put your vote-counting anxieties at rest, check out the live stream that’s been set up by the Philadelphia City Commissioner of the city’s vote-counting process. You can stream it below:


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