Organizing Life One Home at a Time in the Lehigh Valley

Jennifer Bastidas

Jennifer Bastidas (Courtesy Jennifer Bastidas)

By Ashley Adams

January 26, 2022

Jennifer Bastidas turned her knack for organizing into a career, leaving behind a job in the medical field to provide a different type of “treatment” that starts at home.

BETHLEHEM — Jennifer Bastidas had prepared herself for a career in the medical field.

She had a degree in developmental genetics and was attending school to become a physician assistant. Bastidas, 30, wanted a job where she could make a personal connection with others, while helping them improve their lives. She thought she would find it in the healthcare field.

“How things were done started changing,” the Bethlehem resident said. “There was less time to spend with patients. It was more about the paperwork and billing.”

While her career wasn’t turning out as she’d hoped, Bastidas was also juggling a busy home life as a mother to a newborn and toddler. 

“I needed to find different solutions in my life,” she said.

Bastidas found a solution through a skill she always had. Instead of focusing on treating people’s bodies and physical health,  now she’s healing their homes as a personal organizer.

“There is so much stress in life trying to balance work and home and family,” she said. “Organization can give more of a life to your home and help you streamline things.”

Bastidas said she was always good at keeping things in order. She could handle the daily grind of work, school, and family obligations better when she was organized. From her finances to the drawers in her kitchen, Bastidas was more productive when she cleared the clutter from her life.

“I wanted to make a personal connection with people through my work,” Bastidas said. “I found a way to do that while still providing a service that helped improve their lives.”

In January 2021, Bastidas started This Organized Home, where she provides creative solutions for any home or office space. 

“It can be difficult to be in your space all the time,” she said. “You might not be able to see the creative possibilities. That’s where I come in.”

One year into her new professional life, Bastidas has helped her clients better organize their homes in different ways. 

Bastidas took part of one client’s walk-in closet and turned it into a home office. When she was tasked with creating a kid’s study space at another client’s home, Bastidas  turned the storage closet under their stairs into a cozy education nook complete with shelves and a desk.

Bastidas has helped people through different life transitions. She has helped families settle into a new home; make room for a new baby; move in and care for an elderly parent; and downsize a lifetime of memories after children have moved out.   

“Every client is different,” she said. “Every job is different.”

Every service Bastidas provides is personalized to the specific needs of the client. Whether she’s organizing a drawer, remodeling a room, or creating a new space, she aims to take the chaos out of a household and replace it with calm and ease. 

“When people think of professional organizing, they might think it’s not something for them,” Bastidas said. “Or they might feel embarrassed. It’s not something to be afraid of. It has a positive effect mentally and can completely change the dynamics of your home.”

Although she’s not in the business of treating people medically anymore, Bastidas is still doing what she originally set out to do: have an impact on the lives of the people she serves.

“One of my favorite things is when my clients get inspired by what I’ve helped them with and they reach out to me to tell me about a project they are doing on their own. It’s empowering for everyone involved,” she said.


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