It Was All About Trump at Dr. Oz Campaign Rally

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz, left, accompanied by former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Greensburg, Pa., Friday, May 6, 2022. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

By Patrick Berkery

May 9, 2022

The former President talked about how Dr. Oz is “in the bedrooms” of potential female voters Friday. But mostly, he spewed his usual rhetoric about MAGA, patriots, and China.

GREENSBURG — Pouring rain was not going to keep Donald Trump away from the podium in Greensburg Friday night, where he stumped for GOP US Senate candidate Dr. Oz the only way he knows how: by making it all about himself.

In an hour-long speech, Trump flexed his status as Republican kingmaker, just days after his late-stage endorsement helped author-turned-venture capitalist J.D. Vance earn a victory in Ohio’s GOP Senate primary.

Trump once again floated baseless theories of election fraud in Pennsylvania, as state officials like treasurer Stacy Garrity and state Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Allegheny) stood nearby and nodded in approval.

He spewed his usual white noise rhetoric about MAGA, patriots, and China, earning some of his biggest applause of the night with those greatest hits.

He even found time to talk about the man he was endorsing in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate Primary, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Much like he did when he initially endorsed Oz, Trump focused on the TV talk show host’s visibility and electibilty, particularly with female voters.

“He’s on that screen, he’s in the bedrooms of all those women, telling them good and bad,” Trump lecherously said. “And they love him.” 

As for Oz’s qualifications, and what the celebrity surgeon could actually do for Pennsylvania in Washington, Trump was very short on specifics. He called Oz a “warrior” and a longtime friend who has the best chance of winning the battleground state seat in the fall general election.

Trump also went after Oz’s main rival in the Senate primary race, hedge fund CEO David McCormick. Mentioning  McCormick for the first time by name, Trump told the crowd he’d been with a company that “managed money for communist China.”

McCormick is, Trump said, the “candidate of special interests and globalists and the Washington establishment” spending millions of dollars to defeat Oz and “ripping off the United States with bad trade deals and open borders.”

So what did Oz have to say during the 57 seconds he spoke to the crowd?

He asked them “Do we love Donald Trump, Pennsylvania? Has Joe Biden made us miss him even more?” Then he talked about how Trump is fighting to save Pennsylvania before closing with: “President Trump, it means the world to me that you’re here, sir. God bless you. And thank you for the endorsement.”

Oz then left the stage to muted applause.

At least it wasn’t boos, like the ones a Huffington Post reporter caught earlier in the evening when Oz campaign ads aired on a big screen prior to the rally.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.


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