Best Pumpkin Ales From Pennsylvania Craft Breweries to Try This Fall

“Dark Smasher," a new concoction from Twisted Elk Brewery that includes their Pumpkin Smasher and Dark Lord. Image via Twisted Elk Facebook.

By Robin Shreeves

November 3, 2022

Is the season for pumpkin beer nearly over? You decide. Here are eight places to try to grab Pennsylvania’s best pumpkin ales this fall.

There’s finally a chill in the air. The sweaters are out of the closet by now, and it’s time to have a seasonal pumpkin ale in hand. If you haven’t done so already, grab a pumpkin ale and embrace the locally brewed, seasonal pumpkin beers—and we know the best breweries in Pennsylvania to do just that. 

Pumpkin beer can be made in any style, and not all pumpkin beers contain real pumpkin. Many do, but some just go for the pumpkin pie vibe with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and vanilla. With 443 breweries in Pennsylvania, and a good number of them serving seasonal beer, it’s safe to say you can find a pumpkin ale you like this time of year.  

We’ve rounded up this list of pumpkin beers from Pennsylvania breweries that we’ve heard a lot of chatter about. There are plenty of ales on the list, but there are also pumpkin stouts and lagers. Plus, we threw in a cider for good measure. Don’t hesitate to get your fill of pumpkin beer now; if they haven’t already, they’ll start to disappear pretty soon.

Twisted Elk Brewery’s Belgian Pumpkin Ale in Erie County

Location: 10139 W Lake Road, Lake City

The brewery describes this pumpkin ale as unique, with a Belgian flavor and subtle pumpkin notes at the end. There are no spices in this one: the roasted pumpkin is the star. It’s not the only pumpkin beer that Twisted Elk makes. They also produce an imperial pumpkin stout called Dark Lord, which as the name suggests is a dark stout with hints of dark roasted malts, and the Pumpkin Smasher Ale made with pumpkin, spices, and vanilla. 

Spring House Brewing Company’s Braaaiins! Pumpkin Ale for Zombies in , Lancaster County

Location: 209 Hazel St., Lancaster

The slightly hoppy beer made with pumpkin, sweet dough, and autumn spices is tasty from what we hear. Spring House Brewing says the ale has a subtle fresh pumpkin flavor, a warm pumpkin aroma, a bold malt center, and a crisp finish. 

Tröegs Master of Pumpkins Ale in Dauphin County

Location: 200 East Hershey Park Drive Hershey

Best Pumpkin Ales From Pennsylvania Craft Breweries to Try This Fall
Image via Troegs Facebook

Master of Pumpkins is a perennial favorite from Tröegs, who also makes the extremely popular Mad Elf for the winter holidays. The brewery’s blog recently provided some insight into what goes into this seasonal beer: They brew Master of Pumpkins with 3,000 pounds of Pennsylvania longnecks grown at Strites’ Orchard, just 10 miles from the brewery. Tröegs roasts the pumpkins on site, purees them, and puts them right in the beer’s mash along with a spice mix. 

New Trail Brewing’s Double Zombies in Lycoming County

Location: 240 Arch St., Building 18, Williamsport

New this year at New Trail Brewing, Double Zombies is a double pumpkin ale brewed with double maple syrup, double vanilla, and double pumpkin and spices. The brewery says this beer is back from the dead. Reviewers on Untappd are saying the new version is “pretty darn tasty” and “just amazing.” New Trail also brews Zombies Drink Milkshakes Too, a milkshake IPA, and Zombies Are People Too, their annual pumpkin ale.

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company’s Young Pumpkinstein in Bucks County

Location: 909 Ray Ave., Croydon

Best Pumpkin Ales From Pennsylvania Craft Breweries to Try This Fall
Image via Neshaminy Creek Brewing Facebook

Young Pumpkinstein, a Märzen-style Lager, made its debut at Neshaminy Creek Brewing this year. This one gets its pumpkin-ness from the spices—allspice, candied ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg—and its name from the fact that many people try to declare the pumpkin beer style dead. But, as the brewery says, “It’s Alive!” Young Pumpkinstein is one of two pumpkin beers at the brewery this season. The other is Punkless Dunkel, made with pumpkin and spices.

Well Crafted Beer Company’s Nitro Pumpkin Spice Latte Blonde Americano  in Montgomery County

Location: 310 Madison St., Lansdale

Best Pumpkin Ales From Pennsylvania Craft Breweries to Try This Fall
Image via Well Crafted’s Facebook

Well Crafted took their house favorite Blonde Americano Ale made with rich coffee, fresh vanilla, and smooth milk sugar and amped it up with a special blend of pumpkin spices. The nitro adds a creaminess to the pumpkin coffee ale. Well Crafted also makes the Gourdo ESP pumpkin ale with real pumpkin in it.

Block House Brewing Pumpkin Ale in Allegheny County

Location: 150 Ferry St., Creighton

Block House, a brand under Pittsburgh Brewing Co., creates a pumpkin ale that’s “everything you love about beer disguised as everything you love about pumpkin pie,” as the brewery says on its website. The beer is full of creamy vanilla, nutmeg, and caramel, which contribute to its homemade pumpkin pie taste. On Untappd, they say it’s “pumpkin pie in a glass!”

Honorable Mention: Original 13 Ciderworks’ Sir Charles Ichabod Pumpkin Spice in Philadelphia County

Location: 1526 N American Street, Philadelphia

Beer isn’t the only craft beverage that can go pumpkin this time of year. At Original 13 Ciderworks, they produce a seasonal, American-style semi-sweet cider flavored with pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove. 


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