Dreaming of a Dry January? Try these non-alcoholic beverages made in PA

Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger Spirit-Free Cocktails (Photo: Blind Tiger)

By Ashley Adams

January 2, 2023

If you’re participating in Dry January, you can keep it local with these N/A beverages made in Pennsylvania.

It’s the beginning of a new year and, for some, the start of their new year’s resolutions. 

Maybe you’ve resolved to swear off alcohol this year — or to at least participate in Dry January, a month when people abstain from alcohol and stay sober.

Dry January began in 2012 as a public health initiative from Alcohol Change UK, a British charity. Between 15% and 35% of US drinkers overall participate in Dry January, according to past surveys.

To be clear, Dry January is not a detox or a component of recovery for those with dependency issues. Instead, it’s aimed at the people who feel they are steadily drinking a bit too much, too often.

Medical experts say cutting out alcohol for even a month can make a noticeable difference in your health, including lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, more energy, weight loss, and better sleep.

If you’ve resolved to try Dry January, you should know that there are numerous non-alcoholic beverage options made right here in Pennsylvania that offer all the delicious taste of a craft beer or cocktail, without the buzz.

Whether you’re sober, sober-curious, or resolving to ring in 2024 with a Dry January, we’re highlighting some Pennsylvania-made non-alcoholic beverage options for you to consider.

*Please note: the availability of non-alcoholic beverage options may vary depending on the company and the season. It’s always a good idea to check with the company directly for local availability and/orif mail-order options.

Appalachian Brewing Company – Harrisburg

Appalachian Brewing Company offers a caffeine and gluten-free sweet and creamy craft soda called “Root Beer.” 

Dreaming of a Dry January? Try these non-alcoholic beverages made in PA

Appalachian Brewing Company “Root Beer” (Photo: Appalachian Brewing Company)

Blind Tiger – Erie

Blind Tiger, who began making Prohibition era-inspired mocktails during the height of the pandemic in 2020, offers all-natural, organic spirit-free cocktails inspired by drinks from the 1920s and 30s, including Bee’s Knees, Ward 8, Sidecar, and Southside.

Dreaming of a Dry January? Try these non-alcoholic beverages made in PA

Mingle Mocktails (Photo: Mingle Mocktails)

Mingle Mocktails – Wayne

Mingle Mocktails offers non-alcoholic, low calorie versions of your favorite cocktails, including mojitos, margaritas, and mimosas in 12 oz. cans. 

Natrona Bottling Company – Natrona

Natrona offers a non-alcoholic “Jamaica’s finest” ginger beer made of ginger root oils.

Dreaming of a Dry January? Try these non-alcoholic beverages made in PA

Natrona Ginger Beer (Photo: Natrona Bottling Company)

TLC Libations – Pittsburgh

TLC Libations offers bottles of its signature mocktail, “Lavender 75 Mocktail.”

Troegs Independent Brewing – Hershey

Troegs Independent Brewing offers “Scratch-Made Ginger Beer” which is a spicy soda that is made with ginger, honey, and lime juice.

Two Frays Brewery – Pittsburgh

Two Frays Brewery offers a bunch of non-alcoholic options of its craft beers, including “You Do You Hazy IPA,” “You Do You Kölsch,” and “You Do You Porter.”

ZeroDay Brewing Company – Harrisburg

ZeroDay Brewing Company offers a non-alcoholic “Craft Soda,” which is a rotating selection of artisanal sodas made with natural ingredients and different flavor combinations.


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