Pennsylvania’s Sweet Delight: Exploring the Finest Donut Shops Across the State

Maple Donuts in York (Photo: Maple Donuts)

By Graham Harrington

June 2, 2023

Whether you crave something traditional, like a chocolate glazed, something more gourmet, like a pistachio baklava donut, or a plus-sized donut fit to serve an entire party, Pennsylvania has world class donut shops that offer all this, and more. Even fried chicken sandwiches.

Donuts have become a breakfast staple despite basically being cake, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Originally known as “oily cakes,” these delicious rings of fried dough were brought to the US by Dutch colonists in the late 1700s.

Nowadays you can’t cross the street without seeing a Dunkin’, but we have far better homegrown options for donuts throughout the state.

Check out our list of 9 of the best donut shops in Pennsylvania below:

Yum Yum Bake Shops, Quakertown/Colmar/Warminster

Yum Yum’s name is as apt as their donuts are killer. This beloved bakery began as a simple donut and coffee shop in 1963, but soon expanded into multiple locations as successive generations took over the family-run business. If you’ve got a party to entertain or you’re absolutely starving, try their utterly massive big kahuna donut which can feed 10-12 people, or their more reasonably-sized (but still massive) monster donut. 

Curiosity Donuts, Doylestown Twp.

Curiosity Donuts almost has as many awards as they do variations on the classic fried snack, and it’s easy to see why. They boast 26 different types of dough with 10 additional variations like chocolate yeasted, drop donuts, a cake hybrid donut, and more. For those looking to expand their donut palate, there’s no better place than Curiosity. 

Donut Chef, Greensburg

Donut Chef is a classic bakery that caters to locals with no-frills good food. Fans adore the place for its fresh donuts while its selection of buns, sweet rolls, and even sandwich bread bring new converts back for more. 

Pennsylvania’s Sweet Delight: Exploring the Finest Donut Shops Across the State
Beiler’s Donuts (Photo: Shutterstock/Larry Zhou)

Beiler’s Donuts, Philadelphia/Lancaster

After Alvin Beiler took over the family business in 1985, Beiler’s became one of the first Amish merchants to arrive at Reading Terminal Market, and donut lovers in Philly have been reaping the benefits ever since. Beiler’s focuses on making fresh  donuts each day with quality ingredients, even shipping in cream to Reading Terminal fresh from its headquarters in Lancaster County. 

Federal Donuts, Philadelphia

If you live in or near Philly, you probably already know about Federal Donuts. Their donuts — served either fancy (glazed) or hot fresh (tossed in flavored sugars) — are phenomenal. But it’s their fried chicken that really distinguishes them from the competition. If you like to pair your sweets with some savory, Federal Donuts is the place for you.

Maple Donuts, York

Maple Donuts has earned its bones and more in the decades since its founding in 1946. One of the reasons this bakery has lasted so long is that it sells donuts from their retail location and through local distributors, making Maple Donuts one of the largest donut producers on the east coast. Fans love their seasonal donuts, Packzi, and honey buns, but you really can’t go wrong with anything there. 

Pennsylvania’s Sweet Delight: Exploring the Finest Donut Shops Across the State
Oram’s Donut Shop (Photo: Oram’s Donut Shop Instagram)

Oram’s Donut Shop, Beaver Falls

Beaver Falls residents have flocked to Oram’s for over 80 years, touting the freshness and quality of the shop’s donuts over all else. Check out their fan-favorite cinnamon buns, which they claim are more than twice as large as their competitors’.

Evanilla Donuts, Harrisburg

Located in Harrisburg’s historic Broad Street Market, Evanilla Donuts offers gourmet cake donuts crafted by hand daily. Focusing almost entirely on this type of donut has given them a mastery of it that few can touch. Evanilla’s donut list changes frequently by the season, with exclusive options like coffee toffee and pistachio baklava making this entry perfect for the adventurous donut-lovers among us. 

Pennsylvania’s Sweet Delight: Exploring the Finest Donut Shops Across the State
Evanilla Donuts (Photo: Evanilla Donuts Instagram)

Mary Ann’s Donut Kitchen, Allentown

Mary Ann’s Donut Kitchen has been an Allentown staple since 1959. Locals love the donuts, coffee, and excellent service, praising it as one of the best bakeries in the Lehigh Valley. The owners of the kitchen are so committed to “never serving a day-old donut” that they donate their leftovers to those in need, serving the community in more ways than one. 


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