Pennsylvanians Embrace Fitness: Exploring the Top 5 Most Popular Workouts Sweeping the State

By Ashley Adams

August 11, 2023

After analyzing the number of Google searches in the state, fitness experts determined which are the most popular workouts in the commonwealth.

Do you exercise on a regular basis? Or are you like a lot of people, who have at least searched for specific exercise classes in your area with the intention of getting in shape one of these days?

New research has discovered the most popular workouts in the commonwealth, with boxing taking the top spot.

Online fitness resource Total Shape analyzed the number of average monthly Google searches for different workouts. The search volume for each term combined with the fitness class were added together to discover the total average monthly searches in each state.

Nationally, boxing took the crown for the most popular workout with a total average monthly search volume of 402,077, as well as taking the top spot in 42 states. Pilates was second with 329,897 Google searches, followed by dance in third place with a total monthly search volume of 259,414.

Here are the five most Googled workouts in Pennsylvania:


Both a strength training and cardio workout, boxing is a high-intensity sport that targets muscles from your quads and hamstrings in your lower body to your biceps and triceps in your upper body. It’s an excellent way to lose fat – you can burn up to 800 calories with an hour of boxing.


While Pilates is a full-body workout that focuses on strengthening and toning, the movements of this low-intensity exercise will target your core the most. Pilates doesn’t directly help with weight loss, but it does boost your body’s natural ability to burn fat by increasing your metabolism. The benefits of the exercises your core can also result in better posture, thus relieving muscle tension, especially in the lower back.


Not only does dancing have many physical benefits, such as weight loss, improved flexibility, and increased muscle strength and stamina, but it also contributes to your mental health by reducing stress, improving sleep, and helping with depression. Not to mention, there’s a wide variety of dancing styles you can participate in, from Zumba to Jazzercise, so there’s something suitable for everyone.


Slow movements, meditation, and breathing techniques are the main elements of yoga that improve strength, balance, and flexibility. This low-intensity workout can help to reduce stress and improve blood flow, which as a result can help lower blood pressure; not to mention, it acts as a great cool down after an intense workout session to stretch your muscles.

High Intensity Interval Training

Consisting of short bursts of intense exercise, high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts can achieve the same health benefits as moderate exercise in a shorter space of time. After completing an HIIT workout, your metabolism remains high, which in turn allows your body to keep burning calories for up to 16 hours after exercising. Not only does this form of exercise contribute to weight loss, but it also increases your strength and endurance and keeps your heart healthy.


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