Gun safety group launches $500k ad buy on Supreme Court race, Carluccio’s record

Screenshot of Judge Carolyn Carluccio from Everytown for Gun Safety's ad.

By Sean Kitchen

October 12, 2023

One of the largest gun safety groups in the country is jumping into the PA Supreme Court race with a $500,000 ad buy in the Philadelphia media market. Everytown for Gun Safety is reminding voters that Judge Carolyn Carluccio deleted 2nd Amendment rhetoric from her campaign website.

Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun safety organization founded by former New York City Mayor Micheal Bloomberg, is weighing into the Pennsylvania Supreme Court race with a $500,000 ad buy in the Philadelphia region.

The organization, which is one of the largest gun safety organizations in the country, is calling out Montgomery County Judge Carolyn Carluccio, the Republican nominee for the supreme court, for deleting her 2nd Amendment positions from her resume following the primary election.

“Pennsylvanians need a Supreme Court judge who will prioritize public safety — but Judge Carolyn Carluccio is a MAGA extremist who is backed by the gun lobby and opposes common sense gun safety laws,” John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, said in a statement on Wednesday.

Feinblatt went on to say, “State supreme courts play a critical role in preventing gun violence, which is why Everytown is working hard to elect judges who respect a community’s right to enact common-sense gun safety laws.”

Democrats currently hold a 4-2 majority on the court and the outcome of the race can impact gun safety in the years down the line. Three Democratic justices are up for a retention vote in 2025 and another seat will open in 2027 when Judge Christine Donohue turns 75 and is forced to resign due to a clause in the state’s constitution.

The Keystone originally reported on Carluccio deleting her resume from the “About” page on her campaign’s website after the primary. It stated that she would be a “Defender of 2nd Amendment Rights and All Life Under Law.”

In response to this omission, Planned Parenthood Votes, the national arm of the reproductive rights organization, launched a seven-figure ad-campaign running through Election Day in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh markets reminding voters about her anti-aboriton views.

The ad by Everytown, titled “Now We Know,” starts by asking what is Carluccio hiding and proceeds to point out that she “wiped her extreme positions from her website.”

“Carluccio was being bankrolled by MAGA Republicans who want to ban abortion in Pennsylvania with no exceptions for rape or incest,” the ad continues. “And she’s being backed by the gun lobby that opposes background checks on all gun sales.”



  • Sean Kitchen

    Sean Kitchen is the Keystone’s political correspondent, based in Harrisburg. Sean is originally from Philadelphia and spent five years working as a writer and researcher for Pennsylvania Spotlight.

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