We asked, you answered: What would you like to see the state Legislature accomplish in 2024?

Shown is the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in session at the state Capitol in Harrisburg, Pa., Thursday, June 29, 2023. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

By Patrick Berkery

January 11, 2024

Establish a livable minimum wage? Make significant progress toward legalizing marijuana for recreational use? Stronger gun safety legislation? Find out what your fellow Pennsylvanians want lawmakers in Harrisburg to get done in 2024.

In just a few weeks, the members of the state Senate will begin a new legislative session, followed by the state House. With all the emphasis that will be placed on the 2024 presidential election, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the decisions made by members of the state legislature in Harrisburg will have the largest impact on the day-to-day lives of Pennsylvanians.

We recently asked our newsletter readers (subscribe here) what they would like to see the state Legislature accomplish in 2024. Here’s what your fellow Pennsylvanians had to say. (Answers have been edited for length and clarity):

“I would like to see our state Legislature pass a long overdue cost of living adjustment for all retired Pennsylvania teachers. I have been a retired teacher for 17 years and have not had my pension keep up with the rates of inflation.”

-Alex Simon, Pittsburgh

“I’d like to see seniors get a reprieve from paying school taxes. We’ve paid for years. We don’t have children in school anymore. Other states offer this to their seniors.”

-Betty Griffin, Montgomeryville

“I would like to see the legislators pass the bill (proposed in October) to forgo their pay if they are at a budget impasse. I do not want to pay the salaries of folks who will not do their jobs.”

-Marcie Lightwood, Lehigh County

“I’d like to see the state Legislature formally recognize the Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania as a tribe, with all the rights that accompany such recognition.”

-Julie, Wallingford

“I’m a current medical marijuana card holder. I pay fees to obtain my card and for renewal. I would really like legislators to do away with this, and bring Pennsylvania up to speed with so many other states and make it recreational. Let’s watch what other successful states are doing. This is a money stream that is never going to turn off.”

-Tracy Nagle, York

“Lowering taxes for seniors.”

-Clara Ventura, Elkins Park

“The thing that needs to be at the very top of the list is voter’s rights. Make it easier for citizens to become registered voters and have their votes count.”

-Debra Boozer, Armstrong County

“Make significant progress toward legalizing marijuana for recreational use.”

-Deborah Steele, Linglestown

“I would like to see our state government increase funding for the Whole Home Repairs program.

-Linda Paul, Catasauqua

“A livable working wage.”

-Cynthia Covino, York County

“Pass tougher gun laws, make animal abuse a Class A felony, and keep Trump off the state’s ballot. He is a criminal.”

-Sharyn Peterson, Harrisburg

“The turnpike and the high Pa. gas tax should be reviewed. Make it make sense! Our roads are garbage.”

-Diane Hunker, Greensburg

“I think the legislators need to figure out how to constitutionally fund our public school system and stop doing it by taxing property owners.”

-Jane Evans, Coventryville

“Statewide takeover of county court systems to provide unification and equity of justice doled out across the state. Too much disparity across regions in Pa. N.J. has a great model that started in 1995.”

-Iva Gallagher Haynes, Nazareth

“Subsidized senior apartments of a reasonable size and cost for those of us on Social Security incomes. I am over 70 and there’s a waiting list of 3-to-5 years everywhere.”

-Chris Rosati, Allentown

“I’d like to see Pa. pass the national popular vote initiative to ensure that every vote counts and replace our winner-takes-all electoral vote system with proportional allocation. The Electoral College is obsolete and undemocratic.”

-Maureen Haggerty, Chalfont

“Public school funding in low economic communities, gradually raising minimum wage, and gun control legislation.”

-Lisa DiGlacomo, West Chester

“I’d like to see property taxes lowered, or stopped, for seniors. We no longer have kids in school, so school taxes should not be expected from seniors at all.”

-Judy Sowers, Reading

“I am pleading with our legislators to give the retired teachers a cost of living raise, the first in many years. We cannot save money with today’s prices. I am driving a 15-year-old car because car payments would leave me with no extra money after paying bills.”

-Victoria Remo, Womelsdorf

“I would like to see strict gun control laws passed for the state.”

-Laraine Mocenigo, Philadelphia

“I would like to see property taxes reduced for seniors. When you are over 80 it’s difficult to find the money to pay for taxes.”

-Bonnie Wertz, Greensburg



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