10 must-try pizza places in Philadelphia

A seasonal pizza offering at Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia with roasted red pepper, sweet pepper cream, and cherry pepper vinaigrette. (Photo: Patrick Berkery)

By Patrick Berkery

January 16, 2024

From institutions like Tacconelli’s and Santucci’s, to the lauded Pizzeria Beddia, to neighborhood staples like Alex’s, we’re highlighting the best of Philadelphia pizza.

Philadelphians are serious about their pizza, and very territorial when it comes to their favorites.

If you grew up in Port Richmond, chances are you still have a soft spot for Tacconelli’s. If you hail from the hilly streets of Roxborough or Manayunk, Alex’s is your jam. If you’re old school South Philly, it’s Marra’s; new school, Angelo’s.

Suffice it to say, citywide, there is no shortage of amazing pizza. And over the last decade, Philly’s pizza scene has gained national acclaim, thanks to the award winning Pizzeria Beddia.

Let’s look at all the places that make Philly such a world class pizza city, with a mix of pizzerias repping both the old and new school.

Angelo’s Pizzeria, South Philly

Lines form early at this shop on the outskirts of the Italian Market for good reason. Angelo’s serves up classic red pies and unique twists on white pies, with daily sandwich specials that will leave you pondering whether to go with a pie or a sammy. It’s perfectly reasonable to do both. We recommend: Fungi spinach white pie.

Alex’s Pizza, Roxborough

Though it’s recently come under new ownership, and the old signage at the humble walk-in pizza shop at the corner of Leverington Avenue and Pechin Street has been replaced, Alex’s still serves up simple, classic pizza that’s thin and crispy and beloved by the locals. There’s a reason it’s been in business since 1961. We recommend: Tried and true pepperoni.

Circles + Squares, Fishtown

The hours can be a little limited, the best pies aren’t always available (chicken parm square, come on back), and it can be a little pricey. All that said, Circles + Squares offers one of the best grandma-style pan pizzas (with a super crispy crust) in the city. The round pies are stellar too. We recommend: Ten inch square pan pizza with pepperoni.

10 must-try pizza places in Philadelphia

A pizza with hot honey and pepperoni at CJ and Ds Pizza in Philadelphia. (Photo: Patrick Berkery)

CJ and D’s Trenton Tomato Pies at Cartesian Brewing, South Philly

These folks have pizza in the blood, as their family started Joe’s Tomato Pies in Trenton, N.J. decades ago. CJ and D’s serves the Trenton-style take on pizza called a tomato pie (cheese on the bottom, crushed Jersey tomatoes on top, slight char, no flop), and they get it right. Since opening in late summer 2023, they’ve won a loyal following and drawn many comparisons to Trenton’s legendary DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pie. We recommend: Red pie with hot honey and pepperoni.

Dough Head, South Philly

The name’s not great, not gonna lie. The pizza, however, is. Dough Head serves the most creatively named pizzas in the city (Grateful Veg, Elon Crust, Olivia Gluten John… you get the idea) with some of the best fusions of ingredients. BONUS: They offer really good slices. We recommend: The Upstairs Neighbor: Caramelized onions, cup & char pepperoni, NJ crushed tomato, whole milk mozzarella, and chipotle honey drizzle.

Marra’s, South Philly

Long before South Philly’s East Passyunk neighborhood was a vibrant shopping and dining destination with a diverse culinary scene, the tried and true red sauce joint Marra’s was there. And make no mistake, this South Philly staple that’s been in business since 1927 still serves up great pizza. We recommend: Large red pie with roasted red peppers and pepperoni, well done.

O.G. Pizza, Fishtown

In a neighborhood that has its share of very average slice & pie joints, you can breeze right by O.G. on busy Frankford Avenue and mistake it for more of the same. Don’t make that mistake. Go in and get a pie. Square or round, it’s fantastic. Better yet, get it delivered. Delivery pie is usually never this good. Not even close. We recommend: Red top upside down square pie (provolone cheese), with roasted red peppers and pepperoni.

10 must-try pizza places in Philadelphia

The red top upside down square pie (provolone cheese), with roasted red peppers and pepperoni from O.G. Pizza, Philadelphia. (Photo: Patrick Berkery)

Pizzeria Beddia, Fishtown

Bon Appétit was wise to Beddia when it was just a little two-person, seatless operation with no phone, calling it “the best pizza in America.” Nearly a decade later, Beddia has moved operations a few blocks west, and has received more praise than probably any restaurant in the city ever, and with good reason. It’s incredible pizza, served in a stylish spot, with an amazing wine list and great soft serve to boot. We recommend: Any seasonal pie, especially the one with roasted red pepper, sweet pepper cream, and cherry pepper vinaigrette.

Santucci’s Original Square Pizza, Various locations

For all the creativity Philly’s new wave of pizzaiolos bring to the oven, sometimes, you just want to chomp down on a big, old square pizza — or order a bunch of big, old square pizzas for a gathering. That’s why it’s so great to have Santucci’s around after all these years. With roots in Northeast Philly, Santucci’s has been one of Philly’s best purveyors of square pizzas for more than 60 years. These days, you’ll find locations throughout the city, at the Jersey Shore, and even as far west as Mechanicsburg (along with Joe Santucci’s Square Pizza in the Northeast). We recommend: Margherita.

Tacconelli’s Pizzeria, Port Richmond

Serving thin and crispy pies out of their trademark brick oven since 1946, to many, Tacconelli’s is the first name in Philadelphia pizza. Several suburban outposts have opened in recent years across the Delaware River in South Jersey, but the original, on a largely residential street in Port Richmond, is where you want to go. Call ahead and reserve your dough. Yes, that’s still a thing here after all these years. We recommend: Regular red pie with pepperoni and onion.



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