Savor Central Pa.’s top 5 destinations for seafood

Savor NEPA’s Top 5 Seafood Gems

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April 10, 2024

Discover the best seafood escapes in Central Pennsylvania where the fresh catch of the day is always on the menu.

Don’t let the fact that Central Pennsylvania can be at least a four hour drive from the Atlantic Ocean fool you. The region is still home to some fantastic places for seafood.

From family-run joints serving homespun classics to swanky spots offering elegant sea fare, you’re sure to reel in a memorable dining experience smack in the middle of the commonwealth. So cast your net wide and prepare your palate for a seafood adventure with this list of highly-rated restaurants.

The Main Street Grill, Lock Haven

The Food: Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the fresh and well-presented offerings, whether you’re in the mood for seafood or a succulent steak.
The Scene: A warm environment that makes you feel like a local, whether you’re just passing through or a regular at the bar.
Pricing: Tasteful dining without a hefty price tag.

Savor NEPA’s Top 5 Seafood Gems

Photo courtesy of The Main Street Grill Lock Haven via Facebook.

Forty & Eight Chateau, Mill Hall

The Food: The menu boasts traditional seafood favorites that consistently net positive reviews, especially the haddock.
The Scene: A hidden gem with a casual, welcoming atmosphere that speaks of simple pleasures and good company.
Pricing: With its reasonable prices, visiting Forty & Eight is like finding treasure at the bottom of the sea.

Red Horse Tavern, Pleasant Gap

The Food: A comforting selection that includes starters like fried green tomatoes and hearty entrees to satiate any craving.
The Scene: Intimate and rustic, the tavern ambiance is an inviting backdrop to both vibrant conversations and contemplative dining.
Pricing: Entrees are in the $15 to $20 range.

Savor NEPA’s Top 5 Seafood Gems

Photo courtesy of Red Horse Tavern via Facebook.

Crazy Boil, State College

The Food: Offering a seafood feast with a Cajun flourish, the Crazy Boil promises to spice up your dining experience with every bite.
The Scene: Lively and unpretentious, this State College spot is as spirited as its seasonings.
Pricing: Although the restaurant isn’t high-end, some customers say the food is a bit overpriced.

Savor NEPA’s Top 5 Seafood Gems

Photo courtesy of Crazy Boil via Facebook.

Dutch Haven Restaurant, Lock Haven

The Food: The fare here is reminiscent of a coastal retreat with seafood plates that feel both familiar and exceptionally crafted.
The Scene: Radiating family-oriented charm, Dutch Haven wraps you in a quilt of comfort the moment you step through the door.
Pricing and Location: You’ll get a pretty good bang for your buck.

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