Toll booths are out, gantries are in on the PA Turnpike

The crash in Chester County caused parts of the turnpike to close for several hours.

By Ashley Adams

June 12, 2024

An electronic charging system will replace toll booths on the PA Turnpike, with some systems going online as early as 2025.

Say goodbye to the toll booths on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and say hello to open-road tolling.

The PA Turnpike Commission recently approved $50 million in contracts to put overhead gantries on another portion of the turnpike, according to reports from TribLive and WTAE. These systems will electronically charge drivers at interchanges without the need for vehicles to stop or slow down.

Construction on some of the gantries in the eastern part of the state has already been completed. Those are set to go online in 2025. Gantries in western Pennsylvania will be active by 2027, after which turnpike toll booths will no longer be in service.

The Turnpike Commission expects more than $25 million in yearly savings. 

Existing Toll By Plate and E-ZPass systems will remain in place.


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