Electric vehicles more popular than ever in Pennsylvania thanks to Biden/Harris’ Inflation Reduction Act

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An electric vehicle charging station is seen in the parking lot of a Giant grocery store in Bloomsburg. Giant operates more than 190 grocery stores across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and New Jersey. (Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

By Sean Kitchen

July 2, 2024

Electric vehicle ownership is continuing to grow in Pennsylvania due to the Biden-Harris administration’s  Inflation Reduction Act. Residents are eligible for a $7,500 rebate after they purchase a new EV. 

Electric vehicles (EV) are here to stay in Pennsylvania, according to lawmakers and environmental advocates who touted their benefits, popularity and affordability during a press conference outside the state capitol in Harrisburg on Tuesday. 

There are over 64,000 residents that own EVs across the commonwealth and funding from President Joe Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is helping to grow those numbers. 

“The future of driving is electric, and that’s a very good thing for every Pennsylvanian,” David Kieve, president of EDF Action, said in a statement.

“President Biden’s clean energy plan has unlocked $188 billion nationwide in private investment in electric vehicle and battery production, which will lead to the creation of 195,000 jobs.”

A report by EDF Action indicates that EVs are more affordable than ever thanks in large part to Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which provides drivers with a $7,500 rebate when they purchase a brand new EV.  

There are currently 39 EV models available in Pennsylvania that cost less than $48,000, which is the average price of a new car. Additionally, there are 15 EV models available for under $35,000. 

The report also states that EV owners spend less on fuel and maintenance costs, saving them up to $27,000 in the first 10 years of ownership when compared to owning a gas powered vehicle. 

With the average EV getting 300 miles per battery charge, driving across the commonwealth with an EV is about to become easier.

Pennsylvania is set to receive $171.5 million from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program, which is funded through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, to install EV charging stations throughout the commonwealth.   

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission announced last September that they plan to have EV charging stations at every service plaza by the beginning of 2027. According to the Citizens Voice, there are 48 superchargers, which fully charge an EV battery in 30 minutes, at six service plazas. 

“It’s straightforward for my constituents: they want lower costs and to keep their families healthy and safe. With electric vehicles, we accomplish both,” State Rep. Justin Flemming (D-Dauphin) said. 

“With no tailpipe emissions, EVs are already helping to clean our air and promoting a healthier environment in Pennsylvania. Plain and simple, clean cars deliver for the people of the Keystone state.”



  • Sean Kitchen

    Sean Kitchen is the Keystone’s political correspondent, based in Harrisburg. Sean is originally from Philadelphia and spent five years working as a writer and researcher for Pennsylvania Spotlight.

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