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How This Pittsburgh Educator Is Bridging Education Gaps During the Pandemic

The Pittsburgh Village Project i an educational initiative that engages students through creativity and academics to combat learning loss.

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Pittsburgh Health Expert: It’s Going to Be a While Before Restaurants Can Offer Indoor Dining Safely

With our rapid case increases, we need to act again now,” Gov. Wolf said in a statement earlier this month.

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What You Need to Know About the PA House Plan to Reign in Medicaid Fraud

The problem, critics point out, is that it takes taxpayer dollars to investigate claims of fraud.

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The Message the PA Supreme Court Sent to Survivors When It Agreed to Hear Bill Cosby’s Appeal

Pennsylvania advocates and survivors respond to the state Supreme Court's decision to hear an appeal on Bill Cosby 2018 sexual assault conviction.

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Instagram Helped Save This Pittsburgh Woman’s Small Business

Because of the pandemic, Vintage Grace, like other businesses across the country, had to pivot in order to find a way to survive.

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PA Nurses Say Hospitals Are Lying to State Officials About PPE

The nurses’ union said it “vehemently opposes” hospitals restarting elective procedures due to PPE rationing and lack of testing.

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Pittsburgh Radio Host Who Drove a Priest to Suicide Is in Trouble Again

This isn’t the first time Marty Griffin has misgendered a transgender person.