Who has the best cheesesteak in Greater Philly? These 7 stops reign supreme

Who has the best cheesesteak in Greater Philly? These 7 stops reign supreme

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By Kalena Thomhave

July 8, 2024

Hash out the best cheesesteak in Philly amongst yourselves, but you might find your new favorite on our list.

So, we’re definitely not getting into the quagmire by naming the best cheesesteak in the Philly area. Everyone has their favorite; everyone wants to argue about it. But we will share some of our favorites in the region — and maybe inspire you to hit up a new-to-you place for a different take on the classic cheesesteak!

1. Philly Philly Cheesesteak – Perkasie

Philly Philly Cheesesteak is a relatively new cheesesteak option that you can find in Perkasie. Located in an unassuming shopping center, this joint uses fresh rolls from a local bakery and fresh toppings — including quality prime rib and cheese — all prepped on-site at the restaurant. It’s definitely one of the best cheesesteaks not just in the Pennridge area, but the Philly area as a whole. “It’s Philly in the Burbs and it’s amazing,” noted one reviewer on Google. We might suggest going at non-peak hours — because the hype for this place is real!

2. Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop – South Street, Philly

If you’re in the mood for a fancy sandwich, might we suggest Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop, known affectionately as Woody’s? The restaurant is home to a plethora of artisan sandwiches as well as one mean cheesesteak. The cheesesteak here is a little more creative than your nearby pizza shop standard: expect quality ribeye and house-made cheese. The signature cheesesteak, Woodrow’s Whiz Whit, comes with ribeye steak, homemade truffle whiz (not from a can!), cherry pepper mayo, and caramelized onions. If you feel like veering even farther from the traditional cheesesteak, you can also order a chicken steak at Woody’s, also with truffle whiz (“That truffle whiz is to die for,” said one Google reviewer).

3. Angelo’s Pizzeria South Philly – South Philly

Often heralded as the best cheesesteak in Philly, Angelo’s Pizzeria South Philly is proof that a pizza shop slinging cheesesteaks is doing something right. Made with Cooper Sharp cheese and quality meat on a house-baked roll, this is a classic cheesesteak, the cheesesteak role model that baby cheesesteaks look up to and hope to be like one day. The fresh-baked hoagie roll is essential: “It was fluffy and crispy and brought the whole thing together,” one reviewer on Google said. We’re sure the pizza is good too (and reviewers online say it is!) but we can’t imagine waiting in line, paying cash, and getting anything but a toasty hot cheesesteak.

4. Jim’s West – West Philly

Jim’s West is a newer cheesesteak shop operating in the restaurant space that used to house the original incarnation of Jim’s Steaks. Jim’s West, a new cheesesteak shop unaffiliated with the other Jim’s, is just as good as any other one-syllable cheesesteak place in Philly. The massive steaks may inspire lines out the door, but according to one Google review, Jim’s West was “Worth the 600km drive from Canada” — so a brief wait should be worth it. Plus, we know this list is about cheesesteaks, but the banana pudding at Jim’s West? Just incredible. 

5. Nipotina – South Philly

Nipotina is a great place to bring your herbivore friends, because the recently-opened restaurant sells a traditional cheesesteak as well as a vegan version. The South Philly gem makes its signature cheesesteak, “The Eye,” with ribeye steak, Cooper Sharp American cheese, and fried onions. You can order riffs on the classic cheesesteak as well, like the “Hangover Cure” which includes smashed tater tots and an over-easy egg, or “The Buff,” a chicken steak sandwich with blue cheese and buffalo sauce.

For vegans wanting to bite into a Philly classic, order “The Hottie” with vegan cheese, vegan steak, long hots, fried onions, sriracha ketchup, and hot pepper oil. Other vegan sandwiches are on the menu, too. One Google reviewer noted, “It’s really nice that this place has a variety of vegan hoagie options with just as much quality and thought put into them as the rest of the menu.” We concur!

6. Mama’s Pizzeria and Cheesesteaks – Bala Cynwyd

Mama’s Pizzeria and Cheesesteaks has made a stellar cheesesteak since 1958, when the Bala Cynwyd restaurant began serving up a pound of meat, mixed with a three-cheese blend and lovingly stuffed inside a 10-inch hoagie roll. The cheesesteaks are so popular that Mama’s is actually no longer a pizzeria — it axed pizzas from the menu to focus exclusively on cheesesteaks. And no wonder, since according to one Google reviewer, “Every person I have brought here has left telling me it was the best they ha[ve] ever had.”

7. Saad’s Halal Restaurant – University City, Philly

It’s a beautiful thing when immigrants add their own spin to tradition. And the cheesesteak at Saad’s Halal Restaurant is definitely beautiful. Besides the fact that Saad’s allows those who eat halal to have a cheesesteak experience, the sandwich is also simply delicious, with halal meat and cheese plus mayo. “Saad’s Halal Restaurant has stolen my heart with their incredible cheesesteak,” said one Google reviewer. For a unique sandwich that’s somewhat like a cheesesteak, try the kafta maroosh — a sandwich made with beef, garlic sauce, tomatoes, pickles, and parsley on a hoagie roll — or the chicken maroosh, a crowd favorite.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Who has the best cheesesteak in Greater Philly? These 7 stops reign supremeWho has the best cheesesteak in Greater Philly? These 7 stops reign supreme


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