Where to get the best pierogies in Scranton, according to readers

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By Stacy Rounds

May 21, 2024

Are you on the hunt for the best pierogies in Scranton? Look no further! After conducting a readers’ poll, we have uncovered the top local spot serving up the most delicious pierogies in town. Get ready to discover the ultimate pierogies that have been voted the best in the city!

Little Spuds Pierogi Company

877 Justus Blvd, Scott, PA, United States, Pennsylvania

Swooping in with the readers’ choice gold medal for best pierogies in Scranton is Little Spuds Pierogi Company. This grab-and-go favorite has carved out its own niche in the Scranton pierogi scene with a zeal for innovation and a commitment to the finest ingredients. Located just outside the city limits in Scott Township, this little family-owned bakery has been serving up flash-frozen pierogies to go since 2010.

The menu at Little Spuds is constantly changing, but you can almost always count on finding traditional choices there: a variation of potato and cheese whether or not it has onion, jalapeños, or cabbage added. Plus, you may find more daring flavors like hot chicken wing or even decadent blueberry cheesecake. In fact, Little Spuds changes up the menu for special events and holidays so you can experience a myriad of different combinations all year long. From supersized steak pierogies for your Superbowl tailgate to potato cheese and corn for late summer or Thanksgiving, to delectable dessert pierogies around the holidays, they have you covered.

Each order comes with a dozen, and don’t let the prices fool you: they’re two and a half sizes larger than your average grocery store pierogies! Bigger is better is their motto. You’re going to need to grab a knife and fork to sink your teeth into these monster-sized pockets of heaven.

Not only do they make some of the best pierogies in the area, but they also support nearby food makers and suppliers by carrying their specialties. Selecting the very best kielbasa for their top-secret pierogi filling, Little Spuds partners with a nearby wholesaler, The Alpine Meats. Located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, this family-owned and operated butcher shop has been offering up the best quality cuts since 1977. The Alpine Wurst & Meat House knows German and Polish sausages inside and out, making them the perfect partner for crafting traditional meat-filled pierogi recipes. Little Spuds also makes each cheesy pocket with 1000 Islands River Rat Cheese because they believe in using the best, feshest local ingredients whenever possible.

Little Spuds is a small business mixing up big flavors. Every single pierogi is homemade from the soft, elastic, buttery dough to the perfectly seasoned potato, cheese, meat, or dessert fillings. They’re not flashy, and they concentrate on offering the best pierogies at fair prices, especially on bulk orders for special occasions. It’s always a good idea to pre-order your bundles to make sure there are enough in stock to cover your needs. Otherwise, orders are first come, first serve with no holds! Please note that this establishment is cash only, so be prepared to pop over to an ATM before you come.



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