Ralph's Italian Restaurant, Philadelphia (Photo: Ralph's Italian Restaurant)
These Pennsylvania Restaurants Have Stood the Test of Time

From old public houses to taverns to old-school Italian establishments, Pennsylvania is home to many restaurants that are well over 100 years old.

Apple cider donut at Triple B Farms, Monongahela (Photo: Triple B Farms)
10 Places to Get Apple Cider Donuts in Pennsylvania

These cake donuts, made moist by apple cider in the batter, are a sweet autumnal tradition across the state and the rest of the Northeast.

Scrapple (Photo credit: Kate Hopkins)
8 Pennsylvania-Made Foods (and Drinks) Just for the Adventurous

If you’re itching for gastronomical excitement in your life, certain Pennsylvania foods can help deliver.

Pierogies in Pittsburgh (Photo: Jin Wu)
You Know You’re a Pittsburgher if You’ve Eaten These Foods

This list of eight Pittsburgh foods together, may actually grant you automatic Pittsburgh residency.

Lancaster Central Market (Photo: Courtesy Lancaster Central Market)
10 Must-Visit Indoor Food Markets in Pennsylvania

From Bucks County to Crawford County, Pennsylvania has no shortage of indoor food markets that you can visit throughout the year for local groceries, a delicious lunch, or the simple joy of milling about a market.

S&D Polish Deli (Photo: Jin Wu/VisitPITTSBURGH)
The Ultimate Comfort Food: 5 Places to Get Pierogies in the Pittsburgh Area

When visiting Pittsburgh, you can’t leave without trying some locally made pierogies—and Mrs. T’s from the grocery store freezer aisle doesn’t count.

Lori Fogg (Courtesy Lori Fogg)
‘A Coalcracker In The Kitchen’ Webmaster Lori Fogg Shares Pennsylvania Dutch Recipes & Traditions

Lori Fogg shares her collection of century-old recipes and stories from growing up in the coal region.