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Biden Will Unveil a $700 Billion Economic Plan Today. Here’s How to Watch.

“The vice president believes it’s not the time to just build it back the way things were before ... it’s time to imagine and build a new American economy for the next generation.”

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Pennsylvania Unemployment Rate Dropped to 13.1% in May

Pennsylvania's unemployment rate in April was 16.1%, the state's highest rate in over four decades of record-keeping.

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How Philadelphia’s Tourism Industry Is Stepping Up for Workers

In Philadelphia, leaders in the tourism sector are keeping the human toll at the forefront, investing in programs to support the thousands of hospitality industry workers who are now out of work.

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Workers Are Taking Jobs on the Frontlines Because They Have No Other Options

“My boss told us if we needed to find other jobs we could do it, but I need to keep my job where I'm kind of furloughed because I also still have both my sons on my health insurance. So I had to try to balance it all out."

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Here’s Why It’s Taking Pennsylvania So Long to Pay Out Unemployment Benefits

Like others around the country, the state’s unemployment office was wholly unprepared for the pandemic, operating with a staff thinned by budget cuts and capable of handling only a relatively small number of claims.

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50,000 Self-Employed Pennsylvanians Filed for Unemployment in Two Days

Because the system to process those applications is still being developed, there is currently no timeline for when these benefits will be paid.

Florida workers totally or partially unemployed by the current health crisis, could see benefits.
Only Half of the People Are Getting Unemployment Checks

Roughly 22 million filed for unemployment benefits in the past month — easily the worst U.S. job losses. But only 12 million people are getting the checks.