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The Keystone’s Summer Reading: Memoirs

Pennsylvania’s deep tradition of storytellers including those whose memoirs captured the nation’s attention. 

Harvey Sutton and his family would have seen sights like this as they trekked through the Pennsylvania portion of the Appalachian Trail. (Shutterstock/DrewTheHobbit)
Skittles, Imagination Fuel Energetic 5-Year-Old Who Conquered the Appalachian Trail

At 5 years old, Harvey Sutton is one of the youngest to complete the Appalachian Trail, after tagging along with his parents over more than 2,100 miles in 209 days.

The Keystone’s Summer Reading: Nonfiction

Pennsylvania has a deep tradition of storytellers. From journalists to historians, these writers bring events to life.

The Keystone’s Summer Reading: Modern Classics

Pennsylvania natives and residents have produced many classics. Several authors are keeping that tradition alive with modern classics that bring the state even more respect. Check out some of them

The Keystone’s Summer Reading: Thrillers

It’s hard to imagine any state has produced as many great thriller writers as Pennsylvania has. Take a look at some books that will keep you turning the page. And keeping the light on.

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The Keystone’s Summer Reading: Biographies

If you’re looking for a biography about or by a famous Pennsylvanian, you’re in luck. The state has produced so many interesting people and great writers that you could fill a whole bookcase with good entries.

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The Keystone’s Summer Reading: The Classics

Looking for something to read? Our state has a rich literary history, from Louisa May Alcott to August Wilson. Check out some of the state's best classics.