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The list has grown this week and could continue growing this month.

As the Delta variant of the coronavirus continues to infect a rising number of people, the list of Pennsylvania institutions that are requiring coronavirus vaccines continues to grow.

Universities have been leading the charge, but businesses and medical institutions are following suit. 

The vaccines have been proven safe and effective. Health officials have pointed to them being a main reason deaths aren’t climbing at the pace new cases are. 

So far, at least 35 colleges and universities in the state are requiring on-campus students to be vaccinated. 

Administrators at Thomas Jefferson Health have said they will soon require staff to get vaccinated. However, they have not made an official announcement.

Teachers and staff in the Upper Merion School District have to get vaccinated, or they have to get tested twice a week. 

Several restaurants in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are requiring dine-in customers to show proof of vaccination.

Gov. Tom Wolf has repeatedly said he will not issue a vaccine requirement. He is giving employees a day off for providing proof of vaccination.

Wolf also requiring employees in health care facilities and high risk congregate care facilities to either get the vaccine or get tested twice a week.

The following is a list of businesses, medical institutions, and colleges and universities that are requiring their employees or students to be vaccinated.


Medical Institutions

Colleges and Universities

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