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Mingle Mocktails founder Laura Taylor, of Berwyn, Chester County. (Photo: Mingle Mocktails)
A Girls Trip to the Poconos Inspired the Launch of This Woman-Owned Mocktail Business

Amid the sober-curious movement, Chester County's Laura Taylor is serving up drinks to fit the occasion with Mingle Mocktails.

Discover the Crunchy Details: 5 Fun Facts About Herr's Snack Company of Pennsylvania
Discover the Crunchy Details: 5 Fun Facts About Herr’s Snack Company of Pennsylvania

Crack open a bag of Herr’s kettle-cooked chips or pub style pretzels, and learn some interesting facts about the global snack brand based right here in Pennsylvania.

Staff photo by Doug Jones: A hoagie sandwich. (Photo by Doug Jones/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images)
Discover 8 of the Best Hoagies in Southeastern Pennsylvania That Aren’t in Philly

In towns to the north, west, and south of Philadelphia, you’ll find a good many hoagie shops that rival some of the best in the city.

This drivers license image contained in the Statement of Facts supporting an arrest warrant, released by the Justice Department, shows Robert Sanford. Sanford, a retired firefighter who threw a fire extinguisher at police officers during the U.S. Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021, has been sentenced to more than four years in prison. (Justice Department via AP)
Ex-Firefighter From Chester County Gets 4 Years in Prison for Jan. 6 Extinguisher Attack

Robert Sanford, who worked as a firefighter for 26 years, struck two police officers in the head with a fire extinguisher that he threw as he stormed the Capitol with a mob of Donald Trump supporters.

The Original Thunderbird in Broomall. (Photo: Graham G. Harrington)
8 Great Cheesesteak Places You Won’t Find in Philly

You don't have to be in Philly — or even in the greater Philadelphia area — to find a great cheesesteak in Pennsylvania.

7 Pennsylvania Creameries to Visit
6 Pennsylvania Cheesemakers to Visit on National Cheese Lovers Day

While a day to celebrate one's love of cheese is worth making the trip, any day is a good day to visit one of these Pennsylvania creameries, where they make their own cheese.

7 Art Galleries to Visit in Pennsylvania
7 Small Town Art Galleries to Visit in Pennsylvania

Throughout the state in many small towns, art galleries showcase pieces from global and regional artists. Bonus: many of these galleries have free admission.