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Philly Thanksgiving Day Parade ft. Elmo by chrisinphilly5448 // CC BY-SA 2.0
6 Things You May Not Have Known About Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania

We’ve put together a list of facts about Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania to inform your celebration. The holiday always falls on the fourth Thursday of November. For 2022, that’s November 24.

File - Frozen turkeys are displayed at a supermarket in Philadelphia, Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2021. Americans are bracing for a costly Thanksgiving this year, with double-digit percent increases in the price of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, canned pumpkin and other staples.(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)
No Thanks: How Much More You’ll Pay for Thanksgiving Dinner This Year in Pennsylvania

Your Thanksgiving meal with friends and family could cost you upwards of 20% more this year, depending on where you’re eating it.

Winter in Franklin Square
7 of the Coolest Events Happening in Philly This November

This is one of the most amazing Novembers in Philadelphia that’s happened in recent memory.

A pair of men talk with loved ones via video conferencing. (Shutterstock Photo/Eric Kunau)
How Pennsylvanians Are Changing Their Thanksgiving Traditions This Year

The CDC firmly advises against any travel for the holiday, as health experts say leaving home increases the chances of contracting and spreading the novel coronavirus.

While Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers will still be on the frontlines of the pandemic.
Before You Have Your Big Thanksgiving, Listen to What These Doctors Have to Say

Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers will still be on the pandemic frontlines as you celebrate Thanksgiving. They have a plea for Americans this year.

Solo Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Is Going to Be Weird This Year. Here’s How to Cope.

A behavioral psychologist says the first step to coping with a different Thanksgiving is acknowledging the strangeness of the times.

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Coronavirus FAQ: Holiday Travel, Stay-At-Home Orders, and Vaccine Questions, Answered

As case numbers and hospitalizations continue to climb, Americans are wondering what is safe as the holiday season approaches. With that in mind, we decided to answer some frequently asked questions.