VIDEO: Bishop Dwayne Royster speaks at lavish Manhattan celebration

By Graham Harrington

December 6, 2023

Pennsylvania’s political elite gathered in Midtown Manhattan over the weekend for their yearly Pennsylvania Society, and as Bishop Dwayne Royster, the Executive Director of POWER Interfaith, Pennsylvania politicians traveled to the Big Apple to hobnob with the millionaires, billionaires, oligarchs and autocrats. The PA Society is a 125 year old tradition that dates back to the Gilded Age and brings Pennsylvania politicians together with the state’s most powerful lobbyists and business leaders. On Saturday, close to 100 Pennsylvania residents from various progressive organizations demonstrated outside of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association’s event at the Metropolitan Club. Demonstrators lined up outside the entrance and greeted attendees as they were coming and going. ✏️ 🎥 : Sean Kitchen #pennsylvania #papolitics #pennsylvanianews #pasociety #pennsylvaniasociety #manhattan #nyc #politics #wealthinequality #2023

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Pennsylvania’s political elite gathered in Midtown Manhattan over the weekend for their yearly Pennsylvania Society.

The event turned 125 years old this weekend and dates back to the era of Gilded Age industrialists and robber barons who amassed insurmountable wealth and used it to wield their power over politics.

“We’re here today because we’re at the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association meeting because we know that they’re taking money from Jeff Yass,” Bishop Dwayne Royster, the executive director of POWER Interfaith, said in an interview outside of the rally.

“There are political leaders that are coming in from around the state to the PA Society in New York to hobnob with the oligarchs, the autocrats, the plutocrats, the billionaires, and the millionaires so that they can take control of the Pennsylvania democracy.”


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