Whether you’re craving a tart slice of key lime pie, or that Pennsylvania Dutch staple, shoofly pie, you can’t go wrong by visiting these Pennsylvania bakeries and restaurants, all known for their excellent pies.  

March 14 is Pi Day. Represented by the symbol π,  Pi — in case you don’t recall from middle school math class — is the ratio between a circle’s circumference and its diameter. It’s an irrational number and the digits after the decimal go on infinitely, but for the sake of mathematic equations, 3.14 is used to represent it when working out a problem. 

These days, March 14 (3.14, get it?) isn’t just Pi Day, it’s been taken over as a food holiday. It’s frequently celebrated as Pie Day, a day mathematicians and food lovers enjoy together. But take note: The March 14 Pie Day is separate from National Pie Day. The American Pie Council declared January 23 to be National Pie Day in the mid-1980s. But, pie being so tasty, there’s no harm in having a second day less than two months later that’s an excuse to have a sweet slice.

Whether you’re craving a tart slice of key lime pie, or that Pennsylvania Dutch staple, shoofly pie, you can’t go wrong by visiting these Pennsylvania bakeries and restaurants, all known for their excellent pies. 

Tabora Farms, Chalfont

Tabora Farms recognizes March 14 as a pie holiday. The family-owned orchards, country store, deli, and bakery will celebrate all day with pie specials. Choose from apple, blueberry, banana cream, pecan, key lime, and more, all made in their scratch bakery using only the freshest ingredients. Facebook reviewers can’t stop raving about their “incredible bakery,” “delicious pies,” and “very nice staff.”

Bingham’s Restaurant, Kingsley

Photo courtesy of Bingham’s Restaurant

Last year, when Bingham’s Restaurant held its annual pie sale in March, a Facebook follower declared, “I’ll drive two hours!” This family-owned restaurant must make pretty good pie to drive that far. Reviewers say it’s not just pretty good. Bingham’s has “the best pies” that are “delicious” and the “prices are reasonable.”

Just Baked Cakes & Pies, Harrisburg

Located in Harrisburg’s Midtown, Just Baked Cakes & Pies serves “desserts that remind you of Grandma’s” and shares space with the Midtown Scholar Bookstore. Pie and books sound like a perfectly good pairing. Facebook reviewers say the maple apple pie is “omg!” and that everything there is “delicious you won’t be disappointed.”

Art’s Bakery, Erie

Photo courtesy of Art’s Bakery

Want a “taste of happiness?” Get your pie from Art’s Bakery, serving Erie since 1950. Art’s extensive menu of pies includes fruit pies, cream pies, and seasonal pies. One Yelp reviewer who says “I love the strawberry rhubarb pie” also mentions that “all the pies have a tender flaky crust that is just the perfect amount of crust to fruit filling.” 

Way Fruit Farm, Port Matilda / State College

Photo courtesy of Way Fruit Farm

They bake daily at  Way Fruit Farm’s bakery and fruit pies are a specialty: apple, apple brown betty, apple walnut, blackberry, blueberry, black cherry, cherry, cherry crumb, peach, pecan, and red raspberry, along with several varieties offered in no-sugar versions. They deliver, and the bakery that “makes amazing food” is close enough to Penn State to deliver to students in need of some pie for Pi Day.

Leila Jo’s Cafe & Bakery, Punxsutawney

Two types of pie are favorite menu items at Leila Jo’s Cafe & Bakery — pizza pie and dessert pie. They serve pizza on one side of the establishment and pie on the other. One Facebook reviewer says if it was possible, “I’d give them more than 5 stars,” and another says “great pizza but coconut cream pie for the win absolutely the best pie I’ve ever had.” Another says the pecan, Dutch apple, and peanut butter pies are “amazing.”

Grandma’s Country Oven Bake Shoppe, Jeannette

It’s a family affair with three generations who work at Grandma’s Country Oven Bake Shoppe. Their baked goods include delicious key lime and banana cream pies plus a variety of fruit pies and mini pies. They also make a pecan pie that one Tripadvisor says made her father “beyond happy” when she brought him his favorite kind of pie for his birthday.

Harvest Valley Farms, Gibsonia

Apple crisp, apple walnut, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, peach, strawberry rhubarb… the varieties of fruit pies go on and on at Harvest Valley Farms, with much of the fruit grown on the fourth generation family farm. They farm very naturally on the farm, which most likely contributes to, as one Facebook reviewer puts it, “such amazing products” and pies that “are to die for!!!!!”

Twin Pies, Linesville

Family-owned Twin Pies makes pies, “just like grandma’s baked fresh daily.” Twin Pies offers, according to one Facebook reviewer, “warm simplicity, hospitable service, fabulous baked goods, and piping hot coffee.” On Yelp, the raves continue mentioning the “incredible baked goods” and the inability to stop “indulging in the delicious banana cream pie.”

La Jaunt Bakery, Elysburg

At La Jaunt Bakery, their specialty is apple pie that looks as deep as a two-layer cake. The bakery makes “amazing desserts” according to Yelp and “everything is baked fresh” at this small establishment.

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