Jill Biden Returns to Her Montgomery County Roots to Talk Education

Jill Biden

Dr. Jill Biden plans to continue teaching after she becomes first lady. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)

By Ashley Adams

October 31, 2020

The wife of former Vice President Joe Biden addressed a parking lot full of local educators and union members during a drive-in rally at her alma mater.

The parking lot of Upper Moreland High School in Willow Grove was filled to capacity Friday night. Car horns echoed through the area and signs adorned each vehicle. Occupants stood up through their sunroofs or popped their heads out side windows. 

It wasn’t a football game that attracted the crowd. Everyone was eager to see former Golden Bear Jill Biden.

The wife of former Vice President and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden hosted an educator mobilization rally at her alma mater to talk with local educators and union members in the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) about the power of their vote.

“It’s so great to be home,” Biden said as she greeted the crowd amid a barrage of car horns. “Welcome to my high school.”

Biden said she has been touring the country speaking with educators about the hardships they have faced during these unprecedented times. Teaching is much more than just a job, she said, and this year has been harder than normal. Students and educators alike are struggling to deal with the difficulties and distractions brought on by the pandemic. 

Although it has been rough, Biden said she has never been more proud to be an educator.

“We are bringing every ounce of creativity, love, and care to our students. We find a way to make something out of nothing,” Biden said. “We haven’t given up. We need leadership worthy of this nation.”

Biden said her husband knows that policies don’t come from politics. They come from educators. If elected president, Biden said Joe’s plan is to get students back to school safely; provide more support for schools and teachers; modernize classrooms; and provide universal pre-K.

“Joe Biden will be a president for all Americans. We need leadership that you can be proud of, that brings out the best in us,” Biden said. “If we want to get there, this is it. We can’t watch what happens. We have to decide what happens.”

She urged people to drop off their mail-in ballots in person right now.

Don’t wait for Nov. 3, she said.

She encouraged attendees to get involved in the electoral process and do everything they can to make change happen.

“Thank you for all you are doing for your communities,” Biden said. “Thank you, educators, for your faith. We will build a better nation.”


  • Ashley Adams

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