Pennsylvania Surpasses 20,000 Coronavirus-Related Deaths

A man wearing a face mask bicycles along Broad Street, Wednesday, Nov. 18, 2020, in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania is strengthening its mask mandate and will require out-of-state travelers to test negative for the coronavirus before arrival, health officials announced Tuesday, taking additional steps to address a sharp increase in infections and hospitalizations. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

By Patrick Abdalla

January 21, 2021

It took the state eight months to reach 10,000. It hit 20,000 eight weeks later.

More Pennsylvanians have died from coronavirus-related illness than currently live in the city of Johnstown.

State health officials reported on Thursday that 260 more people have died from coronavirus-related illness, bringing the state death toll to 20,128. Johnstown has a population of 19,569. 

Pennsylvania has the seventh highest number of deaths in the country, according to The New York Times, despite being the fifth most populous state, with 12.8 million people.

Illinois, with 12.7 million people, has 20,423 deaths. New Jersey, with 8.8 million people, has 20,667 deaths. They rank fifth and sixth, respectively. 

Pennsylvania is 12th when it comes to deaths per 100,000 residents, with 157. New Jersey leads the nation with 233 deaths per 100,000 residents and New York is just behind that with 213.

It took eight months for Pennsylvania to reach 10,000 coronavirus-related deaths. Just eight weeks later, the state has passed 20,000.

Heading into November, the state had roughly 9,000 coronavirus-related deaths. December added more than 6,200 coronavirus-related deaths. While January has been less deadly than December, it has still added more than 2,400 deaths.

State health officials reported 5,664 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, bringing the state’s total to 788,834. 


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