Which Five Pennsylvania Counties Have the Lowest Percentage of Fully Vaccinated People?

Sayre and Athens, in Bradford County. (Shutterstock Photo/JC Ryan)

By Patrick Abdalla

June 2, 2021

Five Pennsylvania counties have fully vaccinated 25% of their populations or less.

Most of Pennsylvania has improved its COVID-19 vaccination efforts, but five counties stand out for how poorly they’ve done.

Five counties—Potter, Fulton, McKean, Bedford, and Bradford—have fully vaccinated 25% or less of their populations, state health data show.

These counties have very little in common, other than that they have significant rural populations. 

They are in different parts of the state. Fulton and Bedford share a border with Maryland in the southwest region. McKean and Potter counties border New York in the north central region. And Bradford is in the Northeast.

Potter County sits at the bottom of the barrel, with 18.7% of its population fully vaccinated as of May 28. Montour County, the highest vaccinated county in the state, has nearly triple that total, with 54.4% fully vaccinated.


Bradford County

Fully Vaccinated: 25%
Population: 60,833

Bedford County

Fully Vaccinated: 24.3%
Population: 48,176

McKean County

Fully Vaccinated: 21.3%
Population: 40,968

Fulton County

Fully Vaccinated: 20%
Population: 14,523

Potter County

Fully Vaccinated: 18.7%
Population: 16,526 


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