Bill Removing ‘Homosexuality’ From PA Criminal Laws Finally Headed to Governor’s Desk

Protesters gather in Harrisburg in May 2020. (Shutterstock Photo/Jelani Photography)

By Ashley Adams

July 12, 2022

After a years-long battle to get the term ‘homosexuality’ removed from the state’s criminal code, a bill doing just that is awaiting the governor’s signature.

“Homosexuality” will finally be removed from the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.

House Bill 2125, which unanimously passed both the state House and Senate, removes references to the term “homosexuality” within definitions of prohibited sexual acts relating to prostitution and child pornography in the state’s Crimes Code.

The bill now awaits the governor’s signature.

“Removing homosexuality from the Crimes Code was about a couple centuries overdue, but a big deal nevertheless” Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (D-Philadelphia) said. “As one of three openly LGBTQ members of the General Assembly, I am happy that this is finally happening in Pennsylvania after a years-long fight.”

Last year, all 111 Republicans in the state House voted to table an amendment that would have removed “homosexuality” from the obscenity law where the act is described as “obscene” and “deviate.” All 90 Democrats in the state House voted in favor of it.


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