Find the Perfect Holiday Gifts at These Women-Owned Businesses in Pennsylvania

By Ashley Adams, Freda Savana, Christina Kristofic

December 2, 2022

Supporting a woman-owned business is supporting your community; studies show women reinvest 90% of their income in their families and communities, while men reinvest only 40% in those groups.

Women-owned businesses represent a significant portion of economic and business growth, especially in the wake of the pandemic. By supporting women-owned businesses this holiday season, you can help to close the revenue and employment gap, help fuel economic growth, and bring about a more diverse, balanced and sustainable economy.

Historically underrepresented and underfunded, women-owned businesses need all the support they can get. According to Meta’s 2022 Global State of Small Businesses Report, women entrepreneurs took a harder hit from the coronavirus pandemic, with only 35% of operational women-owned businesses reporting that their sales were higher this year than the same time last year.

According to Women Owned, an initiative to support women-owned businesses, there were 13 million women-owned businesses in the US as of 2019. Forty-two percent of all businesses in the country were women-owned, as of 2019, but they represented  only 8% of overall business revenue. Women reinvest up to 90% of their income in their families and communities, compared to 40% for men.

Shoppers searching for the perfect gift for friends, co-workers, and family—and maybe something special for themselves—should consider supporting a woman-owned business.

Take a look at this list of gifts from women-owned businesses from across Pennsylvania for inspiration:

Baby Dress from Brambler Boutique

If there’s a baby in your life, they would look cute in a drop-shoulder polka-dot dress. Brambler Boutique in Pittsburgh sells the dress, which is the perfect grow-with-me dress that becomes a tunic as your little grows taller. It’s available in sizes 18 months-4T. $18.99.

Blast Off! Tea from Abeille Voyante Tea Co.

It’s the same great tea, just under a new name. You can still give your loved ones a boost with a special tea blend from AV Tea (formerly Tupelo Honey Teas) in Millvale. The shop owner created Blast Off!, a yerba mate-based citrus tea, to give the drinker energy. $8 for a 1-ounce packet.

Cookies from Sweet Street

Satisfy your mom’s sweet tooth with cookies from Sweet Street in Reading, Berks County. One box contains five Salted Caramel Cookies and five Chocolate Chunk Cookies. The Salted Caramel Cookies have all-natural toffee, white chocolate chunks, pretzel bits, and sea salt to balance all that sweetness. The Chocolate Chunk Cookies are made with sustainable chocolate chunks, pretzel bits, and brown butter. $49.99.

Floral Deer Socks from Bella Sera

Add some color to a girl friend’s sock drawer with a pair of pretty socks with an Indian woman dancing woven into the design. Bella Sera, a boutique in Hershey, sells socks with a variety of designs. $12.

Iridescent Porcelain Earrings from Telltale Dress

Your friend who has all the coolest jewelry would probably love to add these beautiful earrings from Telltale Dress in Lancaster to her jewelry box. $56.

Nonpareil Holiday Lights from Miesse Candies

These vintage holiday lights in milk chocolate with bright and festive nonpareils could make great stocking stuffers. Miesse Candies in Lancaster offers them in packs of 6 for $7.50.

Sweater from Burlap & Bourbon

Help the man in your life look cool and stay warm in this crewneck sweater from Burlap & Bourbon in Scranton. $125.

Planter from Yowie

Your sister who is always redecorating might like this unique petra planter from Yowie, a home and life shop in Philadelphia. Hard yet tender, this little planter has so much personality! A glossy Naples yellow glaze really makes it shine in any setting. $66.


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