7 Great Places For Pancakes in Pennsylvania

7 Great Places For Pancakes in Pennsylvania

The Lemon Ricotta Blueberry Poppy pancakes at Annamarie's Place, which has locations in Royersford and Birdsboro. (Credit: Annamarie's Place)

By Robin Shreeves

February 17, 2023

Tuesday marks National Pancake Day. But flapjack fanatics are encouraged to check out these seven Pennsylvania pancake palaces any day of the year.

National Pancake Day falls on Feb. 21 this year. The day coincides with Shrove Tuesday, a day of feasting before the first day of Lent.

Traditionally, Catholics abstain from dairy such as milk or butter during Lent, meaning those perishable items need to be used up before the beginning of Lent. Pancakes are an easy (and tasty) way to use them. So, Shrove Tuesday — also called Fat Tuesday — became synonymous with pancakes, and over time, the day became referred to as Pancake Day.

But Pancakes are popular any day of the year. National Today reports that in a survey about pancakes, just 7% of the respondents said they didn’t like pancakes. Some 59% percent of the people surveyed said they “loved” pancakes, and 34% said they “like” pancakes. Buttermilk pancakes came out on top as the most popular pancake (33%), followed by blueberry pancakes (19%) and chocolate chip (18%).

You don’t need to celebrate Lent to participate in Pancake Day. If you want to head out on Tuesday and join in the pancake appreciation, these seven Pennsylvania restaurants are known for their pancakes, and customers can’t stop raving about how good they are online:

Peppermill Family Restaurant, Warren

7 Great Places For Pancakes in Pennsylvania
Pancakes topped with blueberries at the Peppermill Family Restaurant in Warren. (Credit: Peppermill Family Restaurant)

The family owned and operated Peppermill Family Restaurant in Warren has served the community great homestyle cooking since 1984. Their “Famous Pancakes” are huge and they warn customers to order more than one at their own risk. Peppermill cooks up traditional, blueberry, and chocolate chip pancakes on their griddle, plus a strawberry pancake rollup.

Reviewers on Facebook say the restaurant has the “best breakfast in Warren County,” and many rave about the good food and friendly service. 

Ida’s Cafe, Lancaster

7 Great Places For Pancakes in Pennsylvania
Idas: The apple caramel crumb pancakes at Ida’s Cafe in Lancaster. (Credit: Ida’s Cafe)

At Ida’s Cafe in Lancaster, pancake lovers can get their pancakes 10 different ways: traditional or topped with chocolate chips, cinnamon apples, cinnamon apples with crumbs and caramel, bananas, banana and walnuts, blueberries, strawberries, or peaches.

Tripadvisor reviewers say it’s a great place for breakfast with friendly staff and reasonable prices. 

Annamarie’s Place, Royersford/Birdsboro

“If it ain’t Annamarie’s, it ain’t breakfast,” boasts Annamarie’s Place. The restaurant has been a staple of Royersford since 1994 and has recently opened a second location in Birdsboro.

Annamarie’s offers traditional pancakes, plus several specialty options, including Lemon Ricotta Blueberry Poppy, Oreo Cookie, Snickerdoodle, Chocolate Chip & Bacon, and more. The one thing that isn’t traditional is the size of the pancakes. One pancake equals three by their math.

Reviewers on Facebook say the “portions are generous and the flavors are on-point” and rave the restaurant has the  “Best pancakes ever!!!!!!!”

Pamela’s Diner, Pittsburgh

With 5 locations throughout Pittsburgh, Pamela’s Diner makes “Famous Crepe-Style Hotcakes.” Get them plain, or stuffed with strawberries or blueberries, brown sugar, and sour cream. Or, try them stuffed with chocolate chips and bananas, or bananas and walnuts. All varieties come topped with whipped cream. 

Discover the Burgh says the Pamela’s is an institution and the “crepe-style hotcakes are among the best we’ve ever had: the light and fluffy center is complemented by an insanely crispy edge for a textural pop you don’t get in a traditional pancake.” 

Heeter’s Drive-In, Danville

Heeter’s Drive-In Restaurant in Danville is “the 50’s place with a twist.” (The twist seems to be that they serve beer.) Heeter’s serves traditional pancakes called “Rock Around Pancakes” plus their specialty “All Shook Up Pancakes” with banana, blueberry, Butterfinger, chocolate chip, M&M, or Reese’s toppings.

Yelp reviewers say Heeter’s serves “authentic diner food,” the service is “excellent,” and the pancakes are “delicious.” 

Rose’s Hilltop Diner, Weedville

Have your choice of blueberries, chocolate chips, or Reese’s pieces on top of your pancakes at Rose’s Hilltop Diner in Weedville. Or, have them stuffed with caramel, apples, and walnuts. 

Reviewers on Menupix say “breakfast is amazing” including the pancakes, and that “everything is wonderful” at the traditional diner that has great food, prices, and service. 

Tom & Joe’s Diner, Altoona

The hot cakes at Tom & Joe’s Diner in Altoona are plain, blueberry, banana, or chocolate chip. Simple offerings, but pancakes don’t need to be fancy to be delicious. And they are delicious at this diner that’s been serving Altoona since 1933 and is now a local institution. 
Restaurant Guru specifically mentions how good the blueberry pancakes are at Tom & Joe’s and that the diner has “delicious coffee” to go along with the pancakes.

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