One of the Best Candy Stores in the US Is in Pennsylvania

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By The Keystone Staff

August 11, 2023

Not only is Philadelphia’s Shane Confectionery the oldest candy store in the US, it’s one of the best, according to a new poll.

In the latest report by USA Today’s 10Best ranking the best candy stores in the country, one standout is a Philadelphia favorite. This list underscores the importance of supporting local businesses while discovering new flavors and enjoying a fun, nostalgic experience. The nominations for the list came from USA Today experts and were then voted on by readers to establish the best of the best.

Shane Confectionery is the only candy store in Pennsylvania to earn this coveted ranking.The store has a rich history that dates back to 1863, making it “America’s Oldest Candy Store.” The 10BEST report outlines how it started as a wholesale confectionery business in 1863 before being bought by the Shane family in 1910.

Beyond traditional fruit and gummy candies, Shane Confectionery offers an array of baked goods, ice cream, fresh chocolate, and gifts. The store is located at 110 Market St. in Philadelphia.

Shane Confectionery has an ongoing mission to bring to life “the historic candy and chocolate-making traditions of Philadelphia.” Since 2016, Shane’s has offered customers a chance to explore its iconic shop through a tour program that gives insights into their candy-making process and its rich, 100-year history.

Philadelphia itself has a storied past when it comes to candy and chocolate making. As Shane Confectionery points out on its website, From Goldenberg and Wilbur to Hershey and Whitman, prominent names in American chocolate and candy all trace their first shops to the City of Brotherly Love.”

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