Turkey timeline: When and where to order your local Thanksgiving bird from these Pennsylvania farms

Turkey timeline: When and where to order your local Thanksgiving bird from these Pennsylvania farms

By Claire Mainprize

October 27, 2023

This Thanksgiving, order a sustainably raised turkey from a local farm instead of fighting over a frozen bird during your last-minute grocery run.

It’s no coincidence that the sound a turkey makes and the verb for devouring said turkey are the same word. Every year around Thanksgiving every year, there’s a whole lot of “gobbling” going on (both kinds!).

But if you ask us, turkeys taste even better when you know they’ve been raised in nearby pastures by friendly Pennsylvania farmers. Therefore, all of the farms on this list employ ethical farming practices, and the vast majority of gobblers up for grabs are free from:

  • Cages
  • Fillers
  • Added hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • GMOs

With this information in mind, eschew the crowded grocery aisles this Thanksgiving and order a turkey from one of these 10 local farms instead. Without a doubt, you’ll experience your most scrumptious and sustainable Thanksgiving dinner to date!

Canter Hill Farm


Where: Malvern

When: The farm is taking preorders now. Turkeys will be butchered on the Friday and Monday before Thanksgiving and should be enjoyed within 10 days if kept cold. Pickup takes place Nov. 18-22 at various locations (you can choose which one on the order form!).

How Much: $75 deposit (via Venmo, check, or at the market), $10.95/lb

Why: Canter HIll exclusively raises Heritage Turkeys (Bourbon Reds, Spanish Blacks, and Narragansetts) and considers its products “beyond organic.”

Jaindl Farms


Where: Orefield

When: Jaindl turkeys can be found in select grocery stores and at the retail store, or you can have one delivered by two-day airmail. Call the wholesale department at 1-800-475-6654 for pricing and delivery information.

How Much: TBA. Typically $2.25-$4.90/lb.

Why: Believe it or not, Jaindl turkeys have been served at the White House for half a century’s worth of Thanksgivings. Why not dine like a president? The premier company sells a variety of turkeys and sizes, including the Grand Champion Turkey.

Koch’s Turkey Farm

Turkey timeline: When and where to order your local Thanksgiving bird from these Pennsylvania farms

Photo courtesy of Koch’s Turkey Farm via Facebook

Where: Tamaqua

When: You can usually purchase a turkey from the retail store or Hometown Farmers Market the week prior to Thanksgiving. For exact times, follow the farm’s Facebook page.

How Much: TBA.

Why: Koch’s offers 50 different turkey products (both fresh and frozen) and several breeds, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Plus, you can purchase turkey products any time of year!

Livengood Family Farm

Where: Lancaster

When: Fill out an order form to place a deposit on your bird. Pickup will likely happen the week before Thanksgiving at the farm or Clark Park Farmers Market in West Philadelphia.

How Much: TBA. Typically $5/lb at the farm, $6.10/lb at Clark Park.

Why: Livengood’s turkeys are freshly dressed and never frozen. They come ready for the oven! (And then bellies.)

Lindenhof Farm


Where: Kirkwood

When: Pickup times vary according to location, but all happen the week of Thanksgiving.

How Much: $20 deposit, $4.95-$10.95/lb

Why: Fresh turkeys from Lindenhof will be sold at six different locations this year (the farm, Kennett Square, Eagleview, North Star, Oakmont, and West Chester) for maximum convenience.

Esbenshade Turkey Farm

Turkey timeline: When and where to order your local Thanksgiving bird from these Pennsylvania farms

Photo courtesy of Esbenshade Turkey Farm via Facebook

Where: Paradise

When: Fresh turkeys will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis at the farm, Eden Resort & Suites, and Leisure Lanes the week of Thanksgiving. Exact times are TBA, so follow the farm’s Facebook page for more details.

How Much: TBA. Typically around $3/lb.

Why: The oldest farm on this list, Esbenshade was established way back in 1858. These days, they raise up to 8,000 Broad Breasted Whites each year! That’s a whole lot of gobblers.

Howe Farm


Where: Downingtown

When: Preorder now. Pickup will be at the farm Nov. 20-22.

How Much: $20 deposit, $4.15/lb

Why: Turkeys at Howe Farm are harvested respectfully and with dignity. To learn more about the process, click here.

Nine Pines Farm


Where: York

When: Reservations start in July, and turkeys are available starting one week before Thanksgiving.

How Much: $20 deposit, $4.75/lb

Why: Nine Pines Farm is run by a US Navy veteran and his family. They also offer seasonal flower subscriptions!

Harvie Farms (Sensenig Turkey Farms & Highland Farm Fresh)


Where: Pittsburgh

When: Preorder now, and pick up your turkey with your regular box. The last day to sign up for the farm share program to get a turkey in time for Thanksgiving is Nov. 17.

How Much: $38.69-$118.99.

Why: Harvie partners with local farmers who “are working against the grain to raise a bird that looks very different from your conventional, mass-produced turkey.”

Merry Chase Farm

Where: South Hanover Township

When: Place your order via email, phone, or text to get pickup details.

How Much: $70

Why: The whole, brined turkeys not only taste great but are also high in healthy Omega 3’s and trace minerals. Delicious and nutritious.


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