If you love running and ‘The Office,’ this Scranton event is for you

Photo courtesy of NBC.

By Kalena Thomhave

April 17, 2024

The 2024 iteration of The Office 5K in Scranton is the perfect event for Pennsylvanians who happen to love both running and the hit sitcom “The Office.”

It’s not Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For the Cure, but the 2024 Scranton Office 5K promises to be just as good.

On Saturday, May 4, hundreds of people will descend on Scranton, the “Electric City,” and the setting of the hit TV show “The Office,” for an Office-themed 5K. The event promises plenty of “Office” references, show landmarks, and race-day costumes.

Though “The Office” has been off the air for 11 years, it remains one of the most popular TV shows of all time. For instance, when “The Office” was on Netflix, it was the most-streamed show for years, despite the prevalence of, you know, shows made in this decade. And the Pennsylvania town of Scranton, home of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, has become a sort of pilgrimage site for huge fans of the show. After all, the show’s intro was filmed in Scranton itself, and most of the Scranton places mentioned in the show are real, and local favorites at that.

Read on to learn more about the race route and how the event — now in its third year, or “Season 3,” according to race organizers — immortalizes the workplace comedy.

If you love running and 'The Office,' this Scranton event is for you

Photo courtesy of The Office 5K via Facebook.

What places from ‘The Office’ will I see on the race route?

Runners will pass several show landmarks such as the Pennsylvania Paper and Supply Company, the inspiration behind Dunder Mifflin and the iconic building seen in the show’s opening credits; Scranton’s famous “Electric City” sign so that you’ll get “Lazy Scranton” stuck in your head; and Scranton’s new mural honoring “The Office,” which features portraits of 17 of the show’s cast members.

What is there to do besides run?

The race weekend begins with a pre-race party at Scranton’s Cooper’s Seafood House, a family-owned restaurant that was a favorite of “The Office” characters and remains a favorite of Scranton locals. The restaurant, referenced several times on the show, operates a Dunder Mifflin Gift Shop selling lots of “Office” merch. Participants can pick up their race packets at the pre-race party — maybe before picking up a Schrute Farms t-shirt?

Post-race parties will be held at Cooper’s as well as Backyard Ale House — another favorite of Dunder Mifflin employees.

Plus, you can soak up Scranton itself, whether you visit Steamtown National Historic Site or partake in “The Office” self-guided walking tour.

If you want to participate in the race but aren’t much of a runner, you can walk the full 5K of the race, or you can participate in the event’s one-mile walk.

How much does it cost?

Both runners and walkers pay a $25 registration fee and a $2.50 sign-up fee. If you sign up by April 21, you’re guaranteed a race t-shirt!

Proceeds benefit the nonprofit race organizer, Valley in Motion, a Lackawanna County organization working to strengthen community in the region.

If you love running and 'The Office,' this Scranton event is for you

Photo courtesy of The Office 5K via Facebook.

Are there prizes?

While Michael Scott won’t be on hand to present his “Dundies,” The Office 5K will present “Fundies” to the best “Office”-themed costumes. Will you dress as Kevin with his famous chili? You could also make a simple costume channeling Creed when he was inadvertently covered in blood on Halloween.

Prizes will also be given to the top female runner and the top male runner as well as the top male and female runners in their specific age brackets.

If you want to win, load up on fettuccine alfredo and get ready to race.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.If you love running and 'The Office,' this Scranton event is for youIf you love running and 'The Office,' this Scranton event is for you




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