Students all over the country have been showing their teachers how much they miss them with posters and waiting for them to drive by their houses in what seems to be caravans of love.
This Is How Teachers Show Love During Coronavirus

Students and teachers can't be with each other every day. But some have found sweet ways to stay connected and show love and appreciation beyond video chat classrooms.

Elizabeth “Buffy” Riley prepares Thursday to work another day at Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center in New York, where she is spending three weeks as a nurse to patients hospitalized because of COVID-19. The 12-hour shifts daily fatigue the 62-year-old Riley, but she said she continues to tend to critically ill patients there “because it’s the right thing to do.” (Photo by Buffy Riley)
Wisconsin Nurse Describes the Coronavirus Horror in New York City: ‘You’re Never Ready for Them to Die’

Buffy Riley experiences the harsh realities at the current center of the outbreak

Kerri Cleans The Streets Of Times Square During Coronavirus Quarantine-Essential Workers
Photo Essay: Faces Of Our Essential Workers

New York can't survive without the hard work of thousands of so-called essential workers. We wanted to put a face to their sacrifice during this pandemic.

Virus Outbreak Spain
Photos of People Fighting Against Coronavirus Around the World

Politicians wear protective gear in Belgium. Canadians leave notes at their windows. Volunteers in Spain sew masks for nurses and doctors. Citizens disinfect streets and cars in India and Afghanistan. Pope Francis prays solo to an empty Piazza San Pietro.