Pittsburgh date night itineraries for every type of couple

Pittsburgh date night itineraries for every type of couple

Photo by JP Diroll Photography courtesy of Visit Pittsburgh.

By Kalena Thomhave

June 10, 2024

There’s so much to do in the Steel City, but we’ve narrowed it down with these Pittsburgh date ideas designed for two.

Pittsburgh may have a relatively small population (just over 300,000) within the city limits, but its attractions are on par with those of a big city. And there’s something for everyone! Whether you and your date are happiest cheering for the home team, soaking up art, or admiring the great outdoors, we have a date itinerary for you.

The perfect date night for sports fans

One of the most fun date nights for fans that rep the black and gold involves the most beautiful baseball stadium in the country. (You may think that’s just one writer’s opinion, but USA Today recently ranked Pittsburgh’s PNC Park as the best stadium in the U.S.!) Now what goes inside the ballpark may not be beautiful—Pirates fans have been abused by the ups and downs (well, mostly downs) of the team for years — but a night out in front of the Pittsburgh skyline along the Allegheny River is always memorable.

Plus, you don’t have to simply drive to the stadium.

The most romantic way to get to PNC Park might be by boat! For just $15 round-trip, the Gateway Clipper riverboat provides a shuttle to PNC Park for Pirates home games. You’ll get to experience the gentle waters of Pittsburgh’s rivers while avoiding game traffic.

After the game, you can take another form of iconic transportation to the top of Mount Washington. Leave the Gateway Clipper dock and walk straight to the Monongahela Incline station for a ride on the 150-year-old incline — a funicular (cable car) that will take you to see some of the best city views. Gaze out along Grandview Overlook for a nighttime view of Pittsburgh’s three rivers. If you’re hungry, grab late-night eats at The Summit, which is also known for its craft cocktails.

Pittsburgh date night itineraries for every type of couple

Photo by Chandler Crowell Photography courtesy of Visit Pittsburgh.

The perfect date night for culture hounds

This date itinerary takes you to Pittsburgh’s North Side neighborhood, but you’ll bypass the sports stadiums to soak in some cultural highlights. The North Side is home to several impressive museums, including two art museums: The Andy Warhol Museum and The Mattress Factory.

The Warhol, as you might guess, is a museum dedicated to Pittsburgh-born Andy Warhol. In fact, it’s one of the largest museums in the world dedicated to a single artist. On Fridays, the Warhol is open late — with half-price admission after 5 p.m. — and operates a full-service, cash bar. The Mattress Factory is an eclectic museum of installation pieces that will surely get you thinking — and talking to your date about the art!

You can grab snacks and drinks at the museums, but we recommend eating a meal out at nearby Shadobeni. This unique restaurant serves Trinidadian vegan food — think Trini roti, crispy oyster mushrooms, spicy vegetables, the world’s best okra, plantains, chickpea curry, and coconut rice. Wash it all down with a glass of tangy Caribbean sorrel or a mango passionfruit smoothie. We guarantee there’ll be something on the menu you haven’t tasted before!

After dinner, you might choose to take in some music. You can find a happening spot on the North Side, like The Government Center, a coffee shop/bar/record store with live events where you might discover your new favorite band. You could also jet just across the river to Con Alma, which is nearly always filled with live jazz alongside excellent bar service.

Pittsburgh date night itineraries for every type of couple

Photo by Jin Wu courtesy of Visit Pittsburgh.

The perfect date night for nature lovers

Pittsburgh may be known for its legacy of steel and industry, but the post-industrial city is also filled with natural beauty, from its three rivers to its large woodland parks. This “date night” is best completed in the daytime, or at least when the sun is out so you can appreciate the forests.

First, spend some time exploring one of Pittsburgh’s incredible city parks. You can take a hike through Frick Park, the largest city park at 644 acres and an area of urban forest. (Most trails are easy, though the Roller Coaster Trail, which winds up and down a constant flurry of hills, is certainly a workout.)

You could also rent a bike from the city bike-share Pogoh and take a ride through lovely Schenley Park. If water trails are more your thing, you’re in luck: Pittsburgh’s three rivers afford you plenty of kayaking, canoeing, or stand-up paddling opportunities. If you’d prefer to explore the water in the same watercraft, visit downtown Heinz Key Landing to rent a tandem kayak from Kayak Pittsburgh.

After your jaunt in the great outdoors, direct yourselves toward Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, where you can check out indoor greenhouses and large outdoor gardens. You can grab a bite to eat at Café Phipps, known as one of the best museum restaurants in the country, or you can head to Schenley Plaza and eat at one of the outdoor tables at The Porch. Better yet, take your food to go and have a picnic in the one-acre green space within Schenley Plaza.

Pittsburgh date night itineraries for every type of couple

Photo by Phil Johnson II courtesy of Visit Pittsburgh.

The perfect date night for the kids at heart

Kennywood is a special, classic Pittsburgh institution, an old-timey theme park in the age of super-powered coasters at Cedar Point and overpriced character visits at Disney. The park opened in 1899, and its oldest still-operating ride (which admittedly has changed a lot over the past century), The Old Mill, debuted to park visitors in 1901! A date to Kennywood should include rides on the Jack Rabbit coaster, hand-holding in the Noah’s Ark funhouse, and lots of Potato Patch fries — which are cut fresh at the Potato Patch stand!

However, Kennywood’s ticket prices have been rising in recent years, so it’s not so affordable anymore to visit the theme park of yesteryear. Plus, the park is facing a class-action lawsuit from current season pass holders since the park only announced just before opening for the season — and after pass holders paid in full — that a major rollercoaster attraction would be closed for the foreseeable future.

So, if you’re looking for an alternative all-in-one entertainment experience, you might try the locally owned Coop de Ville in the city’s Strip District. Coop de Ville is a Southern-inspired restaurant that also happens to have old arcade games, vintage pinball machines, pool tables, and duckpin bowling. Only duckpin bowling requires you to sign up to play, which you can’t do in advance; instead, you put your name in for a lane upon arrival. The arcade games may not award you tickets to trade in for pixie sticks, but you can instead celebrate your wins with drinks at the full bar.

This article first appeared on Good Info News Wire and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.Pittsburgh date night itineraries for every type of couplePittsburgh date night itineraries for every type of couple


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