What to Do If You Get Denied the COVID Vaccine Because You’re Undocumented

“Stay there, and ask for an explanation,” Graciela Araujo said. “People have to speak up and fight for their rights because we do have rights here. The vaccine is available for everyone—for everyone.”

Congress Gets Ready to Vote on Two Immigration Bills

The bills, which are separate from Biden's comprehensive immigration plan, are expected to have a better chance of passing in Congress.

Impact of Trump's foreign worker visa ban
Trump’s Visa Ban May Have Cost the Economy $100 Billion and Slowed Recovery, Study Says

“You can't force firms to hire Americans to stop migration—that's not happening.”

545 Undocumented Children Are Orphans Because of Trump

The missing parents are from Trump’s 2017 pilot program to separate families at the border.

Naperville, Illinois
Trump’s Racist Rhetoric About Suburbs Erases the Immigrants and Refugees Who Live There

The president has repeatedly suggested that “minorities” in the suburbs are "ruining the American Dream." The facts say otherwise.

Immigrants provide an important economic engine in the United States, which bipartisan economy experts have repeatedly shown. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has made boosting immigration a cornerstone of his platform, in contrast to President Trump (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images).
Biden Plans to Increase Immigration Again. This Could Be the Economic Boost the US Needs.

The Trump administration has slashed immigration. Bipartisan experts—and Biden—say boosting immigration will stimulate the economy at a time when the United States needs it most.

Naturalization fee increase blocked by judge
The Fee to Become a Naturalized Citizen Nearly Jumped From $640 to $1,170. Then a Judge Stepped In.

A federal judge on Tuesday halted major fee increases for citizenship and other immigration benefits three days before they were to take effect.