We asked, you answered: Have you ever made any new year’s resolutions that have had a positive impact on your life?


By Patrick Berkery

January 5, 2024

If you’re struggling to stick with your 2024 new year’s resolution, maybe you can find some inspiration through these resolution success stories.

We make new year’s resolutions each year with the best of intentions, be it resolving to exercise, achieve a certain goal, or change a pattern of behavior. Then, by mid-January, many of us resolve to never make a new year’s resolution again.

In a recent edition of our newsletter (click here to subscribe), we asked readers if they’ve ever made any new year’s resolutions that have had a positive impact on their lives.

Read on to find out what your fellow Pennsylvanians had to say. If you’re struggling to stick with your 2024 new year’s resolution, maybe you you’ll find some inspiration though these resolution success stories.

“I can positively answer ‘yes.’ Early January 2021, I downloaded the Calm app. I am now starting my 4th year of practicing daily meditation, and using mindfulness in my daily life. I got off prescription sleep meds by listening to Calm’s sleep stories and soundscapes.”

-Louanne, Blooming Grove

“In December 1971, I weighed 217 pounds and my sister-in-law said I looked fat. So, January 1, 1972, I changed my eating habits and lost 27 pounds.”

-Frank Wanken, Florida (formerly of Elkland, Pa.)

“The positive change I made (for 2023) was to rid my life of people who are stressful and be with people who really care about me. I’ve had better health, less anxiety, and better sleep because I’ve chosen to walk away permanently from people who don’t value me as I am.”

-Barbera Gulbish, Trappe

“The 30-Day ‘No Negativity’ campaign. Every day, you resolve to say nothing negative. If you mess up one day, you start over again and again until you reach 30 days. Watch how your life changes.”

-Tracy Nagle, York

“One year, I resolved to not say no when asked to try new things or get together with friends. I got to see many friends. I also tried several foods and experiences I would have otherwise been nervous about or turned down. It was a great way to get myself out of a rut.”

-Duke Slifko, Greensburg

“I made a resolution a few years ago and am mostly sticking to it. I resolved to not be too happy or too sad for any respective event in my life. Live my life in tranquility. Balance, peace, and patience!”

-Mini Sidhu, Bangor

“The one and only resolution I ever stuck to is to always buckle my seat belt. Regardless of where I sit in the vehicle or distance traveled it’s the first thing I do. Such a simple action can absolutely reduce unnecessary tragedy. As far as resolutions currently, I simply focus on making today better than yesterday.”

-Thomas, Norristown

“I resolved to stop drinking in 2016. It’s changed my life in the best way possible.”

-Troy T., New Oxford

“Resolving in 2013 to begin practicing mindfulness brought about significant positive changes. I don’t honestly know where my life would be without meditation.”

-Beth, Lancaster





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