These 4 summer camps will keep your kids entertained all summer long

Camp Lee Mar summer camp

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By The Keystone Staff

May 10, 2024

Pennsylvania offers a wide range of summer camps that cater to every interest and passion. In this ultimate guide to Pennsylvania’s top summer camps, we’ll explore some of the best options for your kids to have a fun-filled and enriching summer. Whether your child is a nature lover, a sports enthusiast, or a budding performer, there’s a summer camp in Pennsylvania that’s perfect for them.

Explore the Great Outdoors at Pine Forest Camp (Greeley)

Age Range: 7-17

Pine Forest Camp is a Black-owned business that uses the same motto since its opening in 1931: “Every Child is a Winner.” At Pine Forest Camp, everyday is a new journey, with the camp offering an incredible array of activities that promise to challenge, inspire, and invigorate campers.

At Pine Forest Camp, your child will have the chance to conquer new heights through exhilarating rock climbing adventures, paddle across serene lakes in canoes, and test their aim in archery. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Hiking trails beckon the young adventurers to discover the lush landscapes of the Poconos, revealing hidden nooks and majestic views that will ignite their love for the great outdoors. The camp’s commitment to providing a safe, yet thrilling environment means that campers can immerse themselves in these activities under the guidance of experienced and passionate instructors.

Beyond the physical activities, Pine Forest Camp is a place where friendships bloom amidst the crackling of campfires and starlit nights. It’s where campers learn the value of teamwork, as they navigate ropes courses and engage in spirited outdoor games. The sense of community and belonging that campers develop here is as enriching as the natural setting itself.

Pine Forest Camp offers an unforgettable backdrop for summer memories.

Unleash Creativity at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Philadelphia)

Age Range: 5-14

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts is a sanctuary for young artists waiting to express themselves in vibrant colors and captivating performances. This week-long summer camp includes age-appropriate creative play, reading/storytelling, and socializing. This extraordinary camp is not just about dabbling in paints or learning a few chords on a guitar; it’s a journey into the heart of artistic expression, guided by inspiring mentors who believe in the transformative power of art.

As campers step into this creative paradise, they’re greeted by a world where their imaginations can soar without limits. Each day is filled with opportunities to explore a diverse range of artistic mediums—from sculpting masterpieces out of clay to belting out show tunes that stir the soul. The magic of Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts lies in its ability to tailor experiences to each camper’s unique interests and talents, ensuring that every young artist finds their niche.

But Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts goes beyond just honing artistic skills; it’s a place where creativity intersects with life skills. Campers learn the importance of collaboration as they work together on group art projects, discovering how multiple perspectives can enhance creativity. They’re encouraged to think critically and innovatively, tackling artistic challenges that push the boundaries of conventional thinking.

At Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, the summer is an unforgettable canvas, waiting for campers to fill it with their unique artistic visions.

Celebrate Individuality at Camp Lee Mar (Lackawaxen)

Age Range: 7-21

Camp Lee Mar is a special needs camp that offers a traditional overnight camp experience. This summer camp experience is designed to highlight each camper’s unique strengths and interests, offering a spectrum of activities tailored to ensure everyone can join in the fun and learning. From the gentle art of painting and creativity in crafts to the dynamic energy of sports and the serenity of nature walks, Camp Lee Mar creates a supportive environment that encourages every child to explore new activities, make friends, and build confidence.

The heart of Camp Lee Mar lies in its personalized approach to summer camp experiences. Understanding that each child has their own set of skills and preferences, the camp meticulously crafts programs that cater to individual needs while promoting social inclusion and personal development. The sense of belonging and achievement that campers feel as they participate in activities suited just for them is invaluable.

In addition to the diverse range of activities, Camp Lee Mar is staffed by compassionate and skilled professionals dedicated to creating a safe, nurturing space where children can grow and thrive. They ensure that every camper not only has fun but also learns valuable life skills, fostering independence and resilience.

At Camp Lee Mar, the summer is a time of joy, discovery, and celebration of individuality. It’s a place where differences are embraced, friendships blossom, and every child can shine in their own extraordinary way.

Unleash Adventure: A Summer to Remember at SMA Summer Camp (Huntingdon)

Age Range: 12-16

Stone Mountain Adventure Summer Camp invites teens from all walks of life to embark on an immersive journey this summer. Between adrenaline-filled outdoor activities to serene moments of reflection, SMA Summer Camp caters to all preferences, ensuring that each camper has an enjoyable experience.

The summer camp is intended for ages 12+ and there’s a focus on teen interests and development. Only 60 campers are permitted per session, as the camp aims to foster a close-knit atmosphere. With a focus on personal growth and self-discovery, SMA Summer camp supports authenticity, leadership, and passion.

There is the option for a 1-week, 2-week, 4-week, 6-week, and 8-week summer camp, and depending on your teen’s availability and personality, one option might be preferable to another.

One of the hallmarks of SMA Summer Camp is its diverse range of activities designed to challenge, inspire, and ignite the spirit of adventure. From exhilarating outdoor excursions to creative workshops and team-building exercises, there’s never a dull moment at this dynamic camp. Imagine scaling towering rock faces, navigating winding forest trails, or paddling across crystal-clear lakes—each day presents a new opportunity to push boundaries and discover hidden talents.

Stone Mountain Adventure Summer Camp provides a rare chance to unplug, reconnect with nature, and reconnect with oneself. Away from the pressures of everyday life, campers have the freedom to explore their interests, overcome challenges, and develop essential life skills such as resilience, teamwork, and leadership.

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