These 2 Chinese restaurants TIED for best in Scranton

Orange Chicken at a Chinese restaurant

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By Stacy Rounds

May 23, 2024

Ah, Scranton – not just the Electric City, but apparently a haven for some scrumptious Chinese cuisine as well. When it comes to satisfying those cravings for vibrant, flavor-packed dishes, our local foodies have spoken. After tallying the results of our recent reader’s poll, there was a delightful deadlock between China Moon and China Place, each earning well-deserved applause for serving up the best Chinese food in town. So, let’s dive into what makes these two culinary gems stand out from the crowd.

Crab Rangoon

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China Moon

1031 S Washington Ave, Scranton, PA 18505

Seeking an authentic Chinese dining experience? China Moon’s extensive menu packs the perfect blend of spice, sweet, and savory. Their General Tso’s Chicken is the talk of the town – crispy, tangy, and just the right level of spicy. It’s a dish that turns first-time visitors into loyal patrons. But that’s not the only reason their patrons are loyal. They serve up consistent good eats you can count on to quell your Chinese food cravings.

Local foodies rave about China Moon’s wonderful meat dishes, including the Szechuan Beef and Moo Shu Pork — some of the most frequently ordered items on their menu. The meat is always perfectly cooked, blended with an abundance of fresh veggies, and married with signature sauces with just the right balance of flavors. Plus, the rice is always tender and plentiful, so you can enjoy your meal and some leftovers.

China Moon is an area staple for takeout, but you can dine in as well. But really, what beats sitting in your own home watching Netflix while eating their famous Crab Rangoon? But if you do decide to dine in, the staff at China Moon make you feel right at home. They’re more than happy to recommend dishes if you’re indecisive or looking to try something new.

Chicken with mushrooms and noodles

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China Palace

1013 Commerce Blvd Scranton, PA 18519

Over at China Palace, it’s all about that genuine feeling of stumbling upon a culinary treasure trove. Located in another beloved part of Scranton, this spot dazzles with its commitment to flavors that are both robust and finely balanced. Not to mention some amazing noodles, from their top-tier Ten Ingredients Lo Mein to the delightful briny bites of their Seafood Mei Fun.

China Palace isn’t afraid to innovate. Alongside traditional favorites, they serve up delightful fusion dishes that bring a refreshing twist to Chinese cuisine. Ever tried corn and lobster soup? Here’s where you start. They’ve also mixed plump scallops in with some of their traditional dishes, mixing familiar tastes with bold new textures.

For those who like it hot, their Szechuan-style dishes are a fiery dream come true. Prepared with an artful hand, these dishes marry heat with flavor in a dance that’s as exciting as it is delicious. But China Palace is known for its delightful noodles, including thief famous Cold Noodles made with a spicy kick.

When it boils down to it, the heart of the matter is taste – and both China Moon and China Palace have it in spades. Whether you’re after a plate of comfort or looking to ignite your palate with something adventurous, both China Moon and China Palace stand ready to serve. So, next time you’re pondering where to appease your Chinese cuisine cravings in Scranton, remember – it’s not just a meal, it’s an adventure. And in this case, an adventure that’s tied at the top. Bon appétit!

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