Where are the best budget-friendly vacation spots in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Welcomes You sign on the side of a highway.

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By The Keystone Staff

April 23, 2024

It’s pretty obvious most Pennsylvanians are proud of where we live. The beauty of our forests, mountains, and pristine waterfalls belongs in a fairy story. And in the 343 years since Pa.’s founding, our Commonwealth’s history stands the test of time, with memorials, battlefields, and historic byways a traveler has to see to believe. Modern getaways and theme parks also lure us to enjoy unforgettable experiences.

Pennsylvania boasts plenty of vacation destinations waiting to be discovered. But which are the most adventurous? The most scenic? Or — most importantly — the most budget-friendly? We want to hear from you. Cast your vote for your favorite affordable vacation destination in Pennsylvania. Together, let’s uncover the best escapes the Keystone State has to offer. Happy travels and happy voting!





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