What are the best restaurants in Scranton?

Scranton's best restaurant is ___.

By The Keystone Staff

April 5, 2024

We’re on a quest to find the top dining spots in Scranton, and we need your help! Scranton is one of Pennsylvania’s hidden gems, celebrated for its pizza, Italian cuisine, delectable pub eats, and emerging culinary stars (like Chef Von & Mom!). From cozy cafés and comforting breakfasts to cutting-edge gastro pubs and world cuisine, our local dining establishments have something to offer everyone.

We believe the best recommendations come from you, the diners, who know the local food scene inside and out. That’s why we’re inviting all food lovers to vote for the best restaurants in Scranton.

Help us celebrate the establishments that make Scranton a gastronomic delight, and let’s discover which restaurants will take the crown as the city’s favorites this year. Participate in our poll, share your top picks, and stay tuned as we unveil Scranton’s most beloved dining destinations. Voting ends May 3!




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